Shaman Durek, Spirit Hacking to Your Quantum Life


Spiritual Guide and Gifted Healer

Shaman Durek

Today we have the most unreal episode for you Chakra Babes! It’s the one and only, Shaman Durek and he is here to bring some serious wisdom!

We’re sharing:

+ The specific spirit hacks you can do today to release your demons and live from a place of love rather than fear
+ How to use our feminine energy to sense quantumly
+ How to raise our vibes, release old programming and change the whole world doing it! It starts with us an individuals!!
+ The BTS deets about Shaman Durek’s new book, Spirit Hacking, which I am obsessed with and it’s available NOW on amazon for pre-sale! Order it ASAP before it sells out this is a book I’ll be reading on repeat!
+ Queendom, queendom, queendom! Helping women tap into their intrinsic power

And seriously so much more!

My Chakra Update:

We are back! I’ve missed you guys! I’ve really been living it up on this summer vaycay but I’ve also been working hard. We launched the Gram and Grounded Membership which I am so excited to tell you more about! Also what do you think of the new album art - I’m obsessed! We also have a new outro but the OG intro I’m gonna keep around for a while.

Chakra Tip of the Day:

Goddess Durga! She’s the goddess of all goddesses, she’s super pretty and can kick some ass, she’s very ferocious but also beautiful and seductive. She’s there to release all the evil and you’ll have to tune into this episode to hear how she’s helping me to up level my life!

Chakra Shout Out:

Grace Smith! I’ve shouted her out before and we’ve had her on the podcast before and she is seriously amazing! On her website she has a whole collection of pre-recorded hypnosis programs. Check out this episode to hear the ones I’m loving lately!

Celeb Chakra Analysis:

Tune into this episode to hear this new segment we’re adding to the show! This week I’m talking about the lovely Eva Mendez and what we love about her heart chakra!

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