Okay Sis, Starting your Side-Hustle Before You're Ready + Managing Your Energy




Today's episode with our fav sister duo, Scout and Mady from The Okay Sis Podcast, is full of culture, fun and sisterhood. We’re getting into the goods about staring before you're ready, no matter what your big goal is and how to manage your energy when you have a side hustle. These girls are culture experts so we're also getting the DL on what books we need to be reading, what shows we need to be watching, and what skin products we need to stock up on.

We’re sharing all the info about:

+How these two found themselves working together

+Their best tips for building an awesome relationship and becoming closer to your sister

+What's next for this beauty pair!

My Chakra Update:

I’m heading to LA to speak to a show producer - can you guys FREAKIN believe it! Because I can - I’ve literally been talking about this for what feels like forever and I knew I would be manifesting it! Last year I was in LA dreaming of all the things the next year would bring and now we’re staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where I’ll be taking hosting classes so I can show up in the best way possible on my podcast, for my clients and on camera. Isn’t it wild how far we can come in just a year?!

Chakra Tip of the Day:

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - it’s all about the throat chakra! This chakra tip is about how we can talk our goals and dreams into existence. I want you Charka Babes to start talking about your wildest dreams to bring them into reality! Bonus points if you talk about what your manifesting on social media - feel free to slide into my DMs with any and all manifesting q’s.

Chakra Shout Out:  

This chakra shout out goes to my new fave house wife Erika Jayne! She has such a calming, grounding presence and I just love that she doesn’t give an F about what anyone thinks about her. Her book, Pretty Mess is SO good and really doesn’t shy away from the parts of her past that she’s not too fond of - it truly is a tell all and you should definitely check it out!



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This episode is brought to you by:

The Chakra Girl Meditation Bundle. I created this series of meditations for you to tap into your chakra energy with me every day, because as you know, when you activate your chakras you can manifest anything! 

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