Jessica Harlow, Reinventing Yourself + Checking Your Ego Vibes




Today's chat with Jessica Harlow, Motivational Beauty Influencer, is a crash course on re-invention and ego checking. Jessica is sharing her go to tech advice to stop the scroll on your phone as well as getting into the deets for her very own Dirty John experience of when she dated a con artist and so much more!

We’re talking about:

+How Jessica gained clarity and light from her rock bottom

+How to check your ego at the door

+Tips to stop relying on external validation

My Chakra Update:

Just got back from LA where I took the the Marki Costello, Become a Host class for TV hosting! I like to think that I did really well, but you’ll also have to tune in to hear why I also got yelled at. I also met with a TV producer while I was there - she was fabulous, I can’t wait to share more with you soon! I stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel, bought my first Balmain Bag and saw Busy Philipps live which was so awesome - and was basically just living my best life.

Chakra Tip of the Day:

There is a solar storm going on guys, which is why so many people (me included) are sick right now! So the chakra tip for the day to feel 100% again is to put Elite Shungite in your bath to release all those energies and things you need to release so that you can recalibrate and move on to better things.

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