Bryanna Dee, Embracing Your Dark Side + Working Through Shadows


Host of the Shadowlight Podcast

Bryanna Dee

Today we’re joined by Bryanna Dee, consultant and host of the Shadowlight podcast, teaching the wold how to embrace the juxtaposition of light and darkness - We all have both baby, time to admit it!

She's sharing:

+ How to use your dark side/evil twin as a guide to bring more light into your life,

+Tips to embrace and work through your shadows to release them for good rather than pushing them away

+How to release people's expectations of you!

This one’s all about stepping into your true power and seriously guys, it’s gonna be a juicy one!

My Chakra Update:

I was off the grid (well I had WIFI but still) this long Easter weekend and had such an awesome time with family and my dog and was able to recharge! I even channeled my inner old lady and did a freakin puzzle you guys - I loved it so much I came home and ordered a hummingbird puzzle on Amazon. Speaking of Amazon did you see the new Lakshmi Statue I ordered?! I’m in love and I ordered a Saraswati statue as well so make sure you’re following me on Insta to see when that arrives and all the awesome things it’s gonna bring my way!

P.S. I’m hosting a two day event in Palm Springs for all my boss babes with a business who are dreaming of becoming a full on influencer - if this sounds like your best time ever (and seriously if you’re not interested in hanging poolside with me you need to re-evaluate) make sure you send me a DM!

Chakra Tip of the Day:

EFT tapping - Have you heard of it? Have you done it? For all of you new to the EFT game it stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and let me tell ya you seriously become free after you do it! It works with the same science as acupuncture and releases any weird juju or emotional patterns that you might be holding onto!

Chakra Shout Out:

Let’s tap tap tap our way into today’s Chakra Shout Out - Gala freakin Darling! She’s been on the pod and I did a tapping session with her recently and it was so wild. She never fails to amaze me. I thought it would be about public speaking but it ended up being about mean girls from my high school days and we seriously got to the root of these memories and tapped it all away. I felt SO much better! I love Gala’s tapping specifically because she’s not all doom and gloom and dreading on the problem, instead she wants us to energetically release these blocks that have been holding us back so we can move the F on - And I’m here for it!



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