Amy Duncan, Using CBD for Spiritual Awareness


Founder and CEO of Mowellens

Amy Duncan

The wait is over - all of your spiritual CBD related questions are going to be answered in this episode with Amy Duncan! Amy is the Founder and CEO of Mowellens, a CBD company that believes in the beneficial properties of the cannabis plant to optimize our overall health and wellness! Her passion for plants grew from helping her husband battle a malignant brain tumour in 2012 and she attests that CBD has made her a more engaged caregiver, thoughtful wife, and attuned businesswoman.

Today she’s sharing more about:

+ Using CBD to enhance your spiritual rituals and awareness 

+ Where to start for CDB newbies, and fun new products for seasoned CBD'ers

+ What to look for when selecting CBD products and what to avoid

And so, so much more!

My Chakra Update:

I’m moving and even though moving is literally the worst, I’m so excited because this means I get to shop and pick out all new decor! I’m going to be doing a solo episode in the next few weeks and I’m so looking forward to it because I’m going to have a recording studio/meditation room/office space and be so prepared to record all the good episodes. So let me know what kind of solo episodes you guys want to hear most!

Chakra Tip of the Day:

I’m sharing with you all a manifesting ritual/practice on how to become famous for the right reasons! I’ve always said I want to be famous - I mean who doesn’t - but lately I’ve been working with my coach and really digging deep into the why behind this desire!

Chakra Shout Out:

The Ultimate Guide to Chakras by Athena Perrakis. A beginner's guide to balancing, healing and unblocking your chakras for health and positive energy. Obsessed with how she broke this all down to make it super easy!


Here are the links to these amazing products and resources and we talked about on this episode!

+ Nespresso Machine

+Trader Joes lavender almond milk

+Inner Peace


+One for All

+Dry Brush

+The Cross

+The Dream Bed


This episode is brought to you by:

The Chakra Girl Meditation Bundle. I created this series of meditations for you to tap into your chakra energy with me every day, because as you know, when you activate your chakras you can manifest anything!