Amanda Frances, How to Manifest Multi-Millions


Digital Course Creator and Money Queen

Amanda Frances

I am SO excited to finally be joined by the absolute Money Queen who gives zero f*cks, Amanda Frances! This episode has been a long time coming and it is seriously so good, you’re all going to love it!

We’re getting into:

+ How to use haters and doubters to your advantage when you have big dreams
+ Your new money manifesting daily practice that will have you ramping up your richness vibes
+ How to change your perception of money so you can manifest more
+ A major PSA on why we need to stop making money a taboo subject 

My Chakra Update:

I'm on day 28 of a 40 day Kuan Yin devotion and so far I've made more money than ever before, my husband started working for me full time, I have fully restructured my business, I have released a ton of emotional baggage and have never loved myself more! The results are no joke!

Chakra Tip of the Day:

Today’s Chakra Tip of the Day is to go listen to Kuan Yin Mantra - Om Mani Padme Hum - Marti Nikko. It's a very reggae vibe version of the Kuan Yin Mantra and I love rocking out to it and shaking my booty while manifesting my best life!

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