Aarona Lea, Spiritual Growth for a Higher Vibration


Author & Co-Creator of the Moon Deck

Aarona Lea

Today we’re joined by Aarona Lea - creator of The Moon Deck, which is a super amazing oracle deck that I’ve been beyond obsessed with lately! This girl knows her shit and is always down for an open and honest conversation. 

We’re getting into:

+ How to abolish shame and instead turn towards a journey of self acceptance and self love 

+ Vulnerability as a road map to deeper healing 

+Showing up for ourselves through thick and thin by really committing to our rituals

My Chakra Update:

I saw Oprah live on stage and I am so in love with her! It was really surreal. I had a major “a ha moment” as she calls it, when she spoke about inner child work and how our purpose is to help the world through the tough emotions we felt as children! Journal on it and see what comes up for you.

Chakra Tip of the Day:

My breakfast is increasing my intuition on the daily! I am eating blackberries and avocado with fresh basil that I grew myself (k just kidding, I didn’t grow it but I did buy the plant). Blackberries are great for the third eye chakra because of their dark blue/purple colour, while avocado is a healthy fat which enhanced brain clarity. PLUS, I didn’t even consciously know that basil is also really good for the third eye chakra until I googled it, but it is, I guess I intuitively just knew!

Chakra Shout Out:

I want to shout out Amanda Frances - I interviewed her for the podcast and it's being released next week but OMG she is a money manifesting queen and totally millionaire boss who gives zero Fs - we can def learn a thing or two about manifesting from this gal - she's abrasive in the best way too which I love in a woman. Check out Amanda!

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Here are the links to these amazing products and resources and we talked about on this episode!

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+Porcupine Quill

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+Clear Quartz




+Ana Forrest Yoga

+Work with Aarona


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