Your spiritual BFF, helping you be intentional AF to live your best life

meet the chakra girl - amber-lee lyons

My name is Amber-Lee LYONS, I'm your spiritual BFF who keeps it zen AF while supporting you to balance your chakras and live your best life. 

I am a fashion enthusiast, total foodie and have a manageable wine addiction.

I am the founder of The Chakra Girl Co. which is a spiritual platform inspiring women everywhere to be YOU and be zen. I also host Chakra Girl Radio, which is my fav thing ever and if you don't listen to it, what are you even doing with your life?

At the age of 31 I can honestly say that I am living a FAB life. 

I get to spend my days connecting with and supporting other women who are going through the same sh*t that I did, to spread the message that we can literally have anything we want.

I live in the most gorgeous city in the world, Vancouver BC, with my dream-boat husband and our fur-son, Sampson. We were married in Italy last summer in a gorgeous villa with our closest friends and family #VillaLifeForAVillaWife. 

I'm obssessed with my mission to bring chakra balancing to the masses in a fun, approachable, and arm-pit-shaving-friendly way. While living this mission I have attracted the most inspiring group of women that builds each other up instead of tearing each other down. 

I enjoy wine (I know I already mentioned this, but it's important), pretty much every food on the planet, and travel, and am building my chakra empire one meditation at a time!

I've been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Bustle, Society Gal and Good Morning Lala Land where I got to share my stories!

There are so many ways to hang out with me and I hope you do! You can DM me on Instagram, comment on my podcast, or if you are feeling spicy you can book a chakra activation with me, or a call to discuss how I can help you tap into your chakras and make your business and impactful empire!

xo Amber-Lee

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