Your chakra & zodiac reading for Aug 23, 2016




There are lots of shifts going on in the sky! Here are your results!


 If you picked card #1:

The Rebel/Aquarius card means you are being a total bad-ass right now! You're hating conformity and feeling a strong need for independence. Your Root Chakra is feeling secure AF but it may be causing a bit of aggression which is going to have the opposite affect on you than you desire. 

Rather than focussing on what you don't want (for example, how much you hate your job), focus on the outcome that you desire (freedom, freeedooom, FREEEEDOOOOM!!)   

Chakra tips: Focus on stoking the energy in the Sacral Chakra for compassion, and the Heart Chakra for love and gratitude.

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If you picked card #2:

The Dreamer/Pisces card means you are feeling very in-tune with your emotions and perhaps slightly sensitive.  You tend to flee situations when they are making you feel vulnerable or emotional because you hate conflict but this time you need to fight a little harder. Keep pushing towards your desires.

Don't worry about the how or the when, focus on already having your desires so you're on the right vibration to manifest them!

Chakra tips: Work on your Third Eye Chakra to tap into your inner guide but also stay grounded in your Root Chakra for stability. 

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If you picked card #3

The Identity & Will/Solar Plexus Card means it's time to focus on who you are and what you're here for. It's possible that other people's negativity is bringing you down right now and it's important to meditate on who you are under the conditioning and cut any old cords that aren't serving you. You have it in you to stay super determine and kick some serious ass. It's a key time for you to believe in yourself and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!

You can't serve until your cup is full!

Chakra Tips: Focus on the desires in your Sacral Chakra so you can manifest them with the determination in your Solar Plexus! 

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If you picked card #4:

The Patterns/Pallas card means females are overcoming male domination #girlsrule. On a lighter note that may mean for you, that you need to add more feminine energy into your actions, such as compassion, self love and acceptance as well as strategy and brilliance. It's time to honestly examine patterns in your life that might include self sabotage or a victim mentality.

Use your brilliant strategizing skills to turn negative into positive! You've got this!

Chakra Tips: Focus on the energy in your Throat Chakra so you can become more aware of your truth and your Solar Plexus to be your vibrant self.

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A lil' about lil' ol' me:

My name is Amber-Lee, I am a Lifestyle + Success Coach and a Chakra + Meditation Expert. I also love fashion and kittens (who doesn't?).

Just so you know I have not always been this chipper, I went from constant stress to zen and success!

Seriously, I used to be a bit of a drag...but I managed to turn it around.

Chakra balancing and meditation has allowed me to create my dream business, dream life + dream home. 

Not too long ago I suffered from anxiety and seasonal depression. I hated my job, I wanted to launch my own business but I did not believe in myself and I was always miserable which made my relationships rocky. Friend and family were sick of my constant complaining, even I was sick of it.  

I was always yo-yo-ing with my diet, energy and happiness.

I was at an age where I could look back on the last 3 years and see very little progression. 

It was time to either make the commitment and go 100% towards my dreams or know that I would waste another 3 years and probably never change my situation. 

It took me years of doing yoga and also researching energy, chakras and meditation to finally get myself to a place where I started my first business, which was a gemstone jewelry biz.

It was a huge challenge that led to more insecurities and more Instagram jealousy, which led to more yo-yo-ing and depression. I could not figure out what the eff I was doing wrong but it took me years to even take the first step and I knew I had to press forward.

To really get it together it all came down to consistency, a mindset shift and accountability. I hired a coach to help me on my journey and launched my first business in 8 weeks. 

It totally changed my life and how I looked at myself. I knew I needed to share this!
. I was able to leave my 9-5 job and pursue coaching full-time within only 2 months of launching my coaching business! I want you to follow your passions too! 

Enjoy doing big things, you are meant for them.

xo Amber-Lee

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