Amber-Lee uses her signature "Intuitive Chakra Activation Method," which is a combination of energy work, breathwork, reiki, visualization and crystal energy healing. This method takes "manifesting" to an epic level and allows you use your chakra energy as receptors and transmitters to create and design your reality.

Each activation starts with an intention and is intuitively guided to reach mega energy shifts. Results happen instantly and progress deeper and deeper as the weeks go by. 

Your session is your own, you get to choose your experience and intention, but past clients have experienced life-changing results, such as:

+ Saying goodbye to old habits that keep you stuck and creating new habits and opportunities to serve your highest purpose 

+ Realizing your true vision and purpose and attracting it effortlessly

+ Leaving behind people that are no longer serving your highest purpose and manifesting new, high-vibe people into your experience that move you forward

+ Tapping into your inner goddess, your true, powerful divine feminine energy to experience more love, affection, power and money than ever before

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Praise from Gala Darling

"I had an absolutely amazing session with Amber-Lee, aka, The Chakra Girl. We set intentions, visualised, breathed, repeated affirmations, and cleared up my chakras like bosses.

Sometimes when you do energy work, you’re not sure of its efficacy… But this morning I woke up with an entirely new mindset, which then led to new and emboldened inspired action, and that’s all the proof that I need. In fact, our session rewired something energetically that I have been struggling with for years, and best of all, it felt easy and joyful to take action while also being completely out of my comfort zone!

Can I get a FUCK YEAH?!

It was sooooooo time for this, and I am sooooo thankful that Amber stepped into my life to help! Hopefully we can work together again in the future."

Gala Darling


These sessions are not for the faint of heart!

They are for women who are ready to make big changes and do big things in this world!

What will you activate with your custom session? 

due to the energetic nature of these services, amber-lee only accepts 3 sessions/month.

Session pricing starts at $297. Please fill in the form to start the booking process. 

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