Chic things to do in Paris - My Full Paris Recap

Chic things to do in Paris

My long awaited Paris recap is ready for you! Six of my ICON clients met me in Paris for a three day, live event of chakra activating, business planning, influence creation and wine drinking and it was nothing short of ICONIC!  

Guys, I want to live in Paris it feels like home and I want everyone to experience its glory. I’m sharing EVERYTHING with you about my trip so you can do Paris right.

I’m telling you what we did, what to eat, what to do, what to wear and giving you the ultimate three day Paris itinerary for a glam AF trip! Props to my friend Sofie from “Love Your Life Bitch” we showed me the ropes of Paris last year, I’ve been 4 times now and I get to share everything with you!

It’s hard to believe I was there for work…

The best part about what I do is the people I get to do it with! My clients are truly friends that I get to support in becoming influencers and building a glam AF life, and GIRL we sure glammed it up in Paris.

For those of you that don’t know, I have a program called Chakra Girl Icon where I work with female entrepreneurs find their “it factor” so they can stop being just a “coach” and start providing more influence on a bigger scale. We take some pretty epic trips together throughout the year too!

On this trip we worked hard on planning out our next TEN years of influence because you’ve got to expand your capacity of desires in order to see bigger wins. We also kept it light and fun in Paris with a Spice Girls dance-off at the Dorchester Hotel, lots of French wine, and partying in our luxury villa until 5:30am #NoShame.

I want to take a moment to showcase each woman and some of the amazing things they’ve accomplished this year! 

kelly marcyniiuk

This year Kelly upped her income, increased her following, launched a podcast, earned paid brand deals and bought a brand new Mercedes. She also took 3 weeks off to travel Europe with her family and boyfriend.


This year Martina hosted luxury retreats around the world, launched a podcast, dove into brand sponsorships and is writing her first book! She also spent a full month in Bali and brought her parents and friends along to celebrate.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.28.31 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 8.18.57 PM.png

kaitlin devore

Kaitlin has spent this year in a steady state of flow. She's had a stream of high-paying clients, created high level programs for bigger pay-days and also bought a house and got engaged!


This year Michelle had her biggest launch yet (4 x as big as her first launch), beat last year’s sales target in Q3 and is on track to double her income. She also got to travel the world with her husband and young son and launched her podcast from Paris before meeting them in Iceland!

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 8.35.10 PM.png


This year Audane is helping women reclaim their power and design their lives! She’s created passive income streams and stepped into her influencer role by increasing her social following and launching the Bossy Woman Radio podcast!

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 8.21.36 PM.png


This year Heaven launched her podcast, embraced her role as a mommy influencer, made way more money in her business, all while raising a toddler while her husband is in the military. She’s now pregnant with baby number 2 and still crushin’ it!

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 8.19.15 PM.png

monica woodhams

This year Monica has become the queen of podcast reppin’ and is stepping in PR to create mega influence. She also moved to DC, attended NY Fashion Week for her business and bought her dream car!


Camille’s jewelry was featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazar, Elle and Vanity Fair and has been worn by celebrities Alicia Keys. Camille moved to Hawaii and has set up a new jewelry studio to create her tarot inspired collection!

chic things to do in paris 

Crazy Horse:

There are honestly no words to describe the culture, sensuality and entertainment packed into Crazy Horse! It’s a burlesque show that exudes class, sexuality and makes you want to quit your life and become a dancer. This is a MUST SEE if you are in Paris. Ask for a bottle of rosé, it’s kind of hidden on the menu but it’s so yummy and way less over-priced than the other bottles! Request seats in the dead centre stage as well, SO GOOD!!

Plaza Athénée:

I’m a sucker for a Dorchester Hotel and the one in Paris is my new fav. They actually have their outside dressed up like the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel (my 2nd fav), and gave me an eye-gasm with their branding and attention to detail. It’s also really beautiful to take photos in front of! Go to “Le Bar” for late night drinks and amazing 90’s jams!


Le Bon Marché, St. Germaine, Champs de Élysée.

Make sure you check out Le Bon Marché, you will need at least an hour in this department store and it’s everything that North American shopping lacks. If you walk Champs de Élysée (think “the Rodeo Drive of Paris”), wear comfortable shoes! There are so many amazing store and Louis Vuitton is 6 stories high! St. Germaine is the ultimate for cute clothing boutiques and home-goods! When you shop for designed French brands in Paris you actually save a ton of money and they give you a tax rebate!

Louvre + Jardin des Tuileries:

Go check out the most iconic museum in the world! Last year I saw the Dior exhibit and it was breathtaking. After you get all cultured in the museum, walk outside to the beautiful gardens in the back and have crepes and wine while taking in the beautiful scenery of trees, ponds and fountains.

unnamed (1).jpg


The Bastille area is so adorable! It’s a little further from where I would usually stay but we got to spend a night here and loved it! It almost had a San Fran/Portland vibe with tons of health-food stores and restaurants and a total artsy scene.

Café Culture:

People just take their time in Paris! They connect with whoever is with them in deep conversation and I find that none of the Parisians are looking at their phones, ever. Sitting at a café, having lunch with a friend, is an everyday thing. How beautiful is that? I am back on the coffee after a 5 year hiatus since Paris and I’m loving it. Paris makes me want to smoke but I would not look nearly as cool as the Parisians if I’m hacking up a lung and basically dying. I’ll stick with the coffee.


To balance out the abundance of cheese and wine, you’ll want to take some time to check yourself and move your body with yoga! I found Become Yoga which is a company that sets you up with a yoga studio anywhere you’re going in the world! They found us the CUTEST place and we had the most hung-over yoga session ever.

unnamed (10).jpg

Wine at the Eiffel Tower:

K this is the ONE touristy thing I allow myself to do because it’s just so iconic and I love drinking in a park. Bring a blanket, a bottle of wine and some French pastries to the Eiffel tower when the sun is about to go out and watch the sparkly lights come on! It’s such a moment to savour and to think of all the things you’re grateful for!!


Hotel Costes Chakra Girl Icon

Hotel Costes:

Guys, Kim Kardashian had her bachelorette party here. Need I say more? Sit in thecourtyard at Hotel Costes, order a bottle of pinot noir and rosé while you’re at it, and eat the best food ever. Get the lobster pasta, the escargot, the foie gras and the tomato salad. Also good, the risotto, the steak, the curry…EVERYTHING. It’s all honestly so good.

unnamed (3).jpg


L’Avenue is where the celebs and fashionistas eat and it has THE BEST people watching. It’s right in the thick of the high-end shopping district. To put it into context, there are 3 Dior stores in plain site when you sit on the patio. The menu is very similar to Hotel Costes’ as it’s the same owner so the food is BOMB. Def venture out and try something FRENCH!


Monsieur Bleu:

LOVED this restaurant. The patio is gorgeous and has a view of the Eiffel tower. It’s in a really funky, modern museum and there’s a rooftop bar there as well. The lamb, the duck and the caprese salad are to-die-for.

I took my 2 VIP clients [Kelly and Martina] and we had a really magical experience!

(Pictured right)

Monsieur Bleu Chakra Girl Icon

Café Flore + Les Deux Magots:

These are two cafés that are right across the street. They are the pinnacle of traditional, French, café culture and are super famous. They’re in the St. Germaine area too which is super trendy!

Get French Onion Soup and indulge in the very essence of French living!


Paris culture is all about less is more, quality over quantity and refinement! Also, anything goes! Opt for cute basics. A safe bet is a cute dress or skirt and little pair of booties!

There is also very minimal makeup and no overly “done” hair. There is no contouring or eyeshadow, just a fresh dewy face and a bright lip.

Here are some of my fav looks I wore in Paris, and you can shop there too!



I pretty much live for travel and want to share as much as I can with you so go ahead and ask anything!!!

Also, if the Chakra Girl Icon program sounds like it’s up your ally for 2019, you can apply here or email me at!

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