Revolve + LA Podcast Tour Re-Cap (+ BTS Photos!)

Revolve Around the World LA Chakra Girl Recap

Guys…I had the most epic LA trip that comprised of some WILD manifested intentions. I attended a Revolve event, and I spent a full day interviewing amazing women at my new podcast studio with Dear Media!

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One of my vision board items, that I thought was a total long-shot, was to attend a Revolve Around The World event. Legit, this was on my vision board!

I manifested attending not just any Revolve party, but a week-long event that gave me about $3000 of free clothes, shoes and beauty products (right before Europe, holla!), a Snoop Dog concert and a moment to rub elbows with the hottest bloggers, influencer and everyone from Bachelor in Paradise, my guilty pleasure.

My bestie and PR manager, Jennifer Jaden, hooked it all up (Thanks Jen!) and I am going to share all the things I did to energetically align with the opportunity!

Also, while in LA, I interviewed some women for Chakra Girl Radio that really inspire me, and it was surreal AF to be in this fancy podcast studio with Dear Media doing what I love! 

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I interviewed Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential, who is one of the major reasons I started my podcast and the reason I got signed to Dear Media, Audrie Segura, an LA it-girl-with-a-spiritual-edge, and the sweetest person ever, and I got to FINALLY meet Natalia Benson, our resident astrologer, in-person. Natalia is one of the first friends I made through the podcast and it just really went to show me that this is all real!!

I am trying not to fan-girl over the whole experience, because I’ve worked really hard to get here and I truly believe I deserve it, but DAMN, it was really amazing to connect with this power-house women.

Although your goals are prob not the same as mine, I want you to experience moments like this where you realize all your work paid off, that you're in flow with your desires, and that you can sit back and enjoy them without having to control the outcome. 

I'm giving you all the deets on how I prepared, manifested and enjoyed this monumental AF week in LA!

How I manifested/created this experience

I don’t believe in manifestation without action. I work HARD and am always moving energy towards what I want, both with action and spiritual practices. Manifestation is the practice of moving energy through inspired action and intention to create a miraculous result (K, that explanation was gold - I fully just wrote that and think I need to submit it to the dictionary. What do you think?).

+ Set the Intention: As I mentioned, I had the Revolve party on the my vision board for over a year. I also had the same image along with a few more (one of a private jet, one of a yacht and one of a penthouse apartment) as the screensaver on my iPhone. 

You also have to go deeper than the intention and ask what it means to you. Does it mean you're successful? Does it mean you're influential? 

Write this stuff down and become super clear on what you want, how you want it, and why you want it. 

+ Become an energetic match: If you don't believe you can have it, you won't get it. You actually have to go a step further than that and believe it's already yours. Speak about it as if it's already happening. You may not know when, but you know damn well it's meant for you!

The things you desire all have their own frequency. If you believe you don't deserve it, you are on a lower frequency and you can't attract it! So how do you match the frequency?

Spend time visualizing your intentions every day! You might have 5 different ones you rotate between but they are all there to raise your vibration to become a match for what you want! 

If you have certain people, situations or opportunities on a pedestal and think they are way "better than you" or fully out of reach, you're screwed. If you put them on a pedestal you make yourself a peasant! We are all just people and we all have a way to connect!

+ Create an action plan: Sorry, Peach. You can't just meditate your way to #yachtlife, you need to have a plan. I like to backwards engineer. 

One of my biggest goals is to have a reality show. In order to become a match for that I need to feel like I'm already famous, connect with the right people, become my own brand, live an exciting life, and be happy while doing it. 

I have taken each of these items and worked my ass off for them. To feel like I'm famous I've hired a PR team, started a podcast, spend hours on my social media. To connect with the right people I've attended events, reached out to people, and invested in community....Then you can take each of THESE items and break them down further. 

That's a LOT of effing work, but it's all raising my vibe and getting me aligned with my desires!

If I just called up E! network and said I want a reality show, they would laugh me off the phone. The work has to be more vibrational than that to a point where you divinely create the experience rather than forcing it!

+ Do the work and stay inspired: There are days that I feel like I'm stuck and not growing, and I look at those moments as an opportunity to learn more about my spiritual practice and how to raise my vibe even higher (I am creating a "menu" of all the things I do to get out of an inspired rut and raise my vibe, if you want it, leave a comment with your email address at the end of this post).

If something isn't working, SHIFT. The only people that fail are people that give up because they try the same thing, in the same way, and refuse to adjust to make it work. 

+ Trust, don't control: A mantra I work with almost every single day is "I'm open to miracles and miracles are landing now". As I go through my day, tiny miracles literally ALWAYS happen; I get the best parking spot in a packed lot, a dream client lands in my lap to reach my sales goal, I hot every green light when I'm running late. 

Again, if you don't believe that your desires are happening for you, they won't. When we get into psycho-fear-mode, we try to control every outcome and it ends up blowing up in our face. I've has Lauryn on a "goal list" of people I wanted on my podcast for a long time. Imagine I was scared that it would never happen and I started emailing her 10 times/week to force her to come on my show rather than organically connect with her? Forcing/controlling/fearful actions don't work. 

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How I prepared

I’ll be really with you, I was kind of nervous to step into this up-level. Although I know I deserve it, I was really putting everything on a pedestal, which in-turn makes me the peasant. It took a lot of mindset shifting. Who else has ever been in a position where you get an opportunity that you think is "better than you" and then either turn it down or sabotage it? I remember when I was in the workforce I got a job interview that I didn't feel qualified for and let my fears get the best of me. I totally no-showed to the interview and made a million excuses as to why I wasn't good enough and that it was a waste of time. Later I found out that a girl that used to work UNDER ME got the job. 

Here's what I did to make-sure I didn't kick into sabotage mode:

+ I upped my spiritual practice: Action is not just about "work" it's about getting yourself aligned energetically. When I knew that big up-levels were coming I changed my daily practice from 20 minutes to 1 hour! Wild, I know, but it's staying at an hour now and I am seeing HUGE shifts. 

+ I consult an energy worker: Although I do reiki on myself, activate my chakras on the daily and am always working on my energy, sometimes you have to call for support! I decided to have a hypnosis session, similar to my chakra activation sessions that I offer! 

Grace Smith is the QUEEN of hypnosis and she walked me through a session in which we went back to my childhood and pin-pointed the moment that I felt I didn't deserve success (go listen to the first ten minutes of this podcast episode for the full story, it's hilarious and involves lady-bug sex). 

It was really eye-opening to see from another perspective how I was holding myself back and allowed me to shift in ways I couldn't have done alone! 

Check out Grace to book a session, list to the podcast episode where I interviewed Grace and she gave us all a mini-hypnosis session, or book a Chakra Activation with me!

+ I upped my body-care game: We can't level-up our energy to manifest big things if our bodies aren't a clear vessel. Although I have always worked out and eaten relatively well, I knew I had to take it one step further. I cut carbs and sugar, I started intermittent fasting, I upped my workouts, and I started walking every single morning. 

Not gonna lie, in Europe this all went out the window for a week but I am BACK on the train and ready to manifest more through my elevated body vibrations! 

+ I planned my outfits: Girl, you gotta look good to feel good! 

Let's get to the fashion! You can shop ALL my looks guys! I am telling you, all of these outfits made me feel hot AF and if you know it's time to up-level the wardrobe, treat-yo-self!

Hope you enjoyed the recap! There with be a Paris recap, and London Recap and a post on my airplane rituals coming soon!! 


What I learned

After this very exciting week in LA, I wanted to make sure I didn't crash and burn. Extreme highs call for extreme lows so I learned to keep everything on an even keel! Here's what came up for me:

+ We are all just people wanting to connect: I mentioned earlier in this post that you can't pedestal people, it actually creates a divide. I love that I can find common ground with women that I look up to and be available to open up and connect to them too. 

Family is the #1 most important thing

+ Learn how to thrive in the chaos: It's never going to get "EASY". Sometimes when you reach your goals is when the work gets harder, not easier. For the Revolve event we were required to show up to events every day, post 18 photos and do 18 Insta stories, be "on". It was amazing and I will do it over and over again, but it's never going to be easy! As much as you're sitting on your couch wishing you were in LA doing fun things, I am in LA doing fun things wishing I was on my couch. 

+ Family and Friendship is everything: No matter where we go in life, it's the people that stick by us that make life satisfying. I always new this, but I've been pulled away from it before by getting too caught up in "goals", "image" and "action".

Which leads me to my next point:

Who I want to thank

K, I know I didn't win an Oscar (yet), but I want to take a moment to thank all of the amazing people that have supported me in getting to this new level in my life and business. I truly feel like the last few weeks have been monumental and I want to take a moment to let it all sink in and to savour the gratitude before I start going for my next goals!

+ My husband: Although it's not always easy to be married to me and I easily get lost in my goals and business, he always believes in me and tells me I'm his "#1 draft pick!". Thank you for seeing the super-stardom in me even when I didn't, and thank you for holding down the fort while I travel around. Despite the craziness I commit to nurture our relationship beyond all else and am excited for everything the future has in store for the Lyons'!

+ Jennifer Jaden: Not only do I thank you as my PR manager and connector, I thank you as a friend that encouraged me, believes in me and let's me crash at her place so I can make my dreams come true! I appreciate you so much! 

+ Ingrid De La Mare Kenny: Ingrid connected me with Lauryn and Dear Media and for that I am forever grateful! I had her on the podcast and she is an absolute angel, teaching women how to slow down, enjoy their lives, and live a Monaco life! Thank you for being such a radiant soul! Go follow her for all the best tips!

+ Lauryn, Audrie + Natalia: Thank you for being inspiring women and taking the time to share your light with the Chakra Girl Radio audience! 

xo Amber-Lee

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