My Daily Ritual when Traveling

Chakra Girl Travel Morning Ritual Products

As someone who’s traveling at least once per month, I can tell you there have been some hairy time on my trips when I don’t stick to some kind of morning routine or spiritual ritual.

Between the hangovers, not having all of my own stuff, and living out of a suitcase, I am very easily frazzled, especially since at home I take 2-3 hours to get centred AF before starting my day. BUT, who wants to waste that much vacay time when you could be checking out new hot-spots and day drinking?

I’ve gathered some of my best tips for you because I want you to have the best vacation ever with minimal melt-downs.  

Breakup with the “All or nothing” mentality

When it comes to your daily practice, working out, eating healthy, or running a successful business, one of the first things I’ve had to get a grip on is my innate “all or nothing” mentality.

I used to be the queen of “I’ll start the diet Monday…and every everything in site until then”, and although you won’t find me crushin’ it in the gym every day of a vacation, I’ve really adopted the belief that a little a better than nothing, and every little bit counts.  

The same goes for daily practice! Don't let it fall off for your entire trip so you can "get to it when you get home", that's a recipe for drama! Just do a bit-sized version to stay centred!

My typical travel ritual includes:

+ 30 seconds to Sage/Palo Santo

+ A 2-10 minute guided meditation with crystals (You should check out my meditation bundle so you can activate your chakras while you traveling the world)

+ 1 minute of journaling

+ 1 minute Gua sha’ing my face

+ 2-5 minutes for my full face routine

If I am feeling super spacious, I’ll:

+ Read for 10 minutes

+ Go down to the gym or do some abs and squats in the room

+ Check out a local yoga studio

(These don’t happen often but when they do I feel super f*ckin’ boss).

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Tell your travel partners that you’re getting’ down with the woo-woo

Do you ever get weirdly embarrassed about taking care of yourself? What’s that all about? I used to worry that my husband would get mad or annoyed if I wanted to meditate on vacation but now I just tell him in advance.

I tell him to go get coffee in the mornings while I do my thang, or I’ll do my ritual while he’s showering. If you’re on a trip with a bunch of people, just do your ritual in the bathroom! I am a big fan of meditating while my conditioner soaks in #MultiTasking.

Turn your hotel night-stand into a chic altar  

Nothing makes me feel more grounded than bringing all of my hocus-pocus accessories with me. Yes, my suitcase is always over-weight and I’ve been asked by the TSA numerous times why I’m traveling with a bag full of rocks, but it’s a small price to pay for sanity.

I always bring:

+ My journal and a fancy pen

+ My crystals – I usually bring 3-5 and I intuitively select them before my trip based on how I’ve been feeling. Check out Energy Muse if you're in the market for some new ones

+ My Saje Namaste face spray  that keeps me super grounded and remind me of home 

+ Sage and Palo Santo to cleanse the energy of the hotel room, and my own energy/hang-over in the morning


I even keep a little emergency kit in my carry-on for the plane in-case I start to feel the need for self-connection (usually if the movies are shit).

+ A scrunchy, obsessed with Chelsea King velvet scrunchies

+ Sleep mask - I have GOT to have my sleep mask. I think I have thin eyelids or something because light really bothers me when I'm trying to sleep

+ My Jet Lag Mask from Summer Fridays

+ “Arrive Revived” essential oil roller from Saje that is an oil blend to prevent jet-lag – It also doubles as a hand sanitizer, because planes are ew. This was a gift from my client Kelly from The Freedom Babe!

+ My Dior lip scrub, because I CAN'T with dry lips

Bring your guru with you

I like to ALWAYS be learning and being on vacay doesn’t mean you’re on a vacay from self-development! In fact, it’s one of the best times to learn about yourself and discover life’s wonders!

Bring a book that you’re super into and can read at the beach, pool or on the plane. Reading after a couple of mojitos is actually really fun, FYI.

You can also bring me on your trip to keep you grounded and activate your chakras with my Chakra Girl Meditation Bundle! If you commit to doing these meditations every day while you travel, if you just plug them in before going to sleep, you’re going to stay super grounded and be able to pat yourself on the back!!

Chakra Girl Meditation Bundle


Get the series of guided meditations I created after years of practicing, researching and creating an abundant AF life and you too can activate your chakras and manifest whatever you want!

Celebrate yourself!

Every time you sit down to find silence and connect with yourself on your trip, acknowledge, celebrate and pat yourself on the back! Every win counts and ever time you connect to your subconscious you’re creating space to heal, grown and manifest a fancy life!

I'm answering all your questions below to comment and LMK how I can help you stay sane while traveling!

xoxo Amber-Lee

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