Celebrity Chakra Analysis by Amber-Lee Lyons

Guys, I am all about celeb culture and getting a deep look into the lives of super successful people that live lux AF lives. I feel like one of the reasons we love certain celebs is that they represent a part of us, or an archetype we aspire to be, AND any flaws that they have make us feel more normal! 

I'm a bit of a weirdo and I love looking at celebs and analyzing what chakras are out of balance for them and I want to share some of my favs with you so you can see how you relate and can hopefully clear that shit up!

I am not a doctor or a psychologist, but I'm pretty intuitive and empathic and pick up on these things! If you're really struggling, please consult a professional.

Kim Kardashian West Chakra Analysis 

Kim Kardashian Chakra Girl co.png

Kim K is flawless and I love her. One thing about Kim is that she really avoids conflict and tough conversations and tends to internalize how she's feeling. For example, when Kendall was supposed to move in with her for a few weeks, but then she sold her house and had to move out, she fully avoided having that conversation with Kendall. Kendall found out from someone other than Kim that she could no longer live with her, which could have put the fashion model, lil' sis, on the streets (K, obvi that would never happen).

When we keep things barried and don't express them right away it can result in resentment and outbursts of anger, a la, Kim telling Courteney she's the least interesting to look at. 

What Chakra Needs Balancing:

If you, like Kim, have a hard to expressing yourself and tend to avoid conflict to a point of detriment, it's time to work on that THROAT CHAKRA! 

The throat chakra is all about:

+ Communicating your truth and being honest

+ Having a mind body connection 

+ Calming your anxiety and inner dialogue 

+ Being assertive

How to balance the Throat Chakra

We want Kim to start speaking her mind! When that's really hard, writing out a letter to the person you're upset with is a great way to get the feelings out, even if you don't share the letter with them! The energy needs to leave your body and sort itself out! 

Kim can also practice some breathing techniques and visualize a glowing, turquoise light in her mind that gets brighter and brighter and clearer with every inhale, and with every exhale releases any stuckness. 

Crystal Reco for Kim Kardashian West

Kim would benefit from some aquamarine! The energy of the ocean will support her in letting her words flow give her confidence to speak up and sort her communication before it gets to a point of anger or resentment! 

She can sleep with it on her neck and will see huge results within a couple of weeks!

Demi Lovato Chakra Analysis

Demi is talented AF and I want to commend all the work she does to support women in their confidence and body image. We all need you girl! 

Demi struggles with addiction and has also experienced eating disorders, which also had an obsessive, compulsive energy to it. Addiction and eating disorders typically stem from a feeling of not being in control and trying to over-compensate (I'm not a doctor, this is just my intuitive opinion).

I also feel like that since she's so creative, she's very intuitively open, empathic and probably feels A LOT.  She even may picks up energy that's not hers. Strengthening the chakras will help her only hold on to emotions that serve her!

What Chakra Needs Balancing:

Any internal power struggle indicates a SACRAL CHAKRA imbalance.  

The sacral chakra is all about:

+ Your feminine power

+ Creativity 

+ Worthiness 

+ Emotional connection 

How to balance the Sacral Chakra

The first step in balancing the sacral chakra is clearing out any past trauma, guilt or shame. Once you release that you can feel in your power, in control, but also supported by your emotional guidance system, rather than working against it. 

Writing out a forgiveness letter to yourself and anyone you're holding negative feelings towards is a great way to release it. No matter what you've done, gone through or experienced the Universe wants you to be happy and powerful so you have know that you frickin' deserve it!

Demi can also practice a meditation where you visualize standing in the ocean up to your belly button and letting the small waves crash into your tummy (I have a guided version of this meditation in my meditation bundle!). As the waves crash into you they cleanse you and as the tide pulls back out, it clears all the past drama into the ocean and it disappears. It's soooo powerful. 

Crystal Reco for Demi Lovato

Demi needs to get her hands on some orange carnelian to fill up her power centre with good vibes and should also eat a bunch of fresh oranges to amp up the sacral vibes.

Beyonce Chakra Analysis

We have GOT to give Beyoncé credit for being hard-working AF, powerful AF, and super sexy. She embodies her feminine in all angles; sexuality, nurturing her daughter and her audience, and creativity. 

One thing I want Beyoncé to be super careful with, is not letting her hard work drive her into an overly masculine energy. When we're overly masculine we lose the softness and the ability to allow rather than force.

Beyoncé has also suffered heart ache when Jay-Z had his moment with "Becky with the good hair" and when we have scarring moments like this, we can develop a bit of a hard shell. 

What Chakra Needs Balancing:

Queen B needs to keep her HEART CHAKRA balanced.

The heart chakra is all about:

+ Balancing your feminine and masculine

+ Nurturing yourself first  

+ Softening and allowing 

+ Ease and flow

How to balance the Heart Chakra

Heart chakra is all about balance. Balance between giving and taking, balance between work and play, balance between ease and action. Being mindful of how these play into all areas of your life is the first step in being able to find an even keel. 

If you find you're being overly masculine, write a list of all the things that make you feel ease and all the things that make you feel elegant and try to do some of them every day!

Self care is the best way to start your flow into becoming more feminine. Make sure you're nurturing yourself on the daily and get into nature to got grounded in the mother-nature vibes!

Crystal Reco for Beyoncé

Beyoncé should be rocking the rose quartz on the daily to keep herself in check and help her mend her broken heart from a place of love and compassion rather than anger and hostility, which is not effing easy when you're busy taking over the word #WhoRunTheWorldGIRLS

There you have it...

I hope you guys enjoyed this celeb chakra analysis and gleaned some helpful and relatable info you can use to activate your chakras!!! 

Comment below and let us know what celeb you would like me to analyze next!!

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XO, Amber-Lee