The Best Crystals for Skincare, Beauty and your Chakras

Crystals are not just pretty to look at, I actually used them to make ME more pretty to look at because I use them in my daily beauty ritual! 

Crystals emit energetic vibrations, and since we are all made of energy, crystals can change our molecules, both emotionally and physically. It's science guys! We use crystals to feel better, and I'm showing you how to use them to look better. Let's put our best, most crystal-y faces forward! 

Here's what you can do:

Alleviate skin redness:

My skin naturally has quite a red tone and can get quite inflamed if I'm not using super sensitive products or even if I'm just really tired. 

The best crystal to use for inflammation and redness: Jade

Jade is a calming stone and is actually quite cold to the touch. It emits really chill vibes and since it's green in colour it cancels out the redness to bring it to a more neutral tone.

The best tool to use: Jade roller

I am obssessed with Jade rollers for redness because the roller is super gentle on your skin and passes over it like a mother's hug! You can also place the roller in the fridge for extra cooling to tame the inflammation. 

Chakra tip:

Jade is a heart chakra stone and represents a firm, yet calm masculine energy, and girl, we want our skin to be firm and calm! Making jade a part of your daily ritual can also help you manifest more of this energy in your love-life or career!

Decrease puffiness and under-eye bags:

Personally when I'm puffy and have under-eye bags, it usually from what I call "wine-face", aka, that bloated hangover face, but can also be caused by dehydration, lack of sleep or too much salt.

The best crystals to use for puffiness: Amethyst + Rose Quartz

Amethyst is known as the sobering stone and was actually carried around by men in ancient time so they wouldn't get wasted when they drank. I've used it for many hangovers and I swear it works. Amethyst's super power is to transmute negative energy into positive, so let's turn the puffiness into radiance! 

Motherly love from rose quartz will also give you the TLC you need and nurture your puffiness back to health.

The best tool to use: Gua Sha for lymphatic massage and crystal infused water

Lymphatic massage with a Gua Sha tool releases toxins and excess fluid that are giving you that swollen look. You want to use the wide end of the paddle on the forehead and cheek, and the small end under the eyes. Always start from the middle of the face and drag towards your temple, then down your neck. 

Follow that up by chugging some crystals water and your hangover/puffy-face will vanish! Trust me, I've tried. Infusing your water with amethyst will change your frequency to a more flowing and less "blah" state. 

Chakra tip:

Rose quartz harnesses the motherly nurturing vibes from the heart chakra which also allows you to sit back and approach everything with more each and grace.

Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra which allows you to manifest more! When you're hungover it will get you back on your feet so you can get out there and keep striving for what you desire (maybe a mimosa). 

Weight loss with crystals

Yes, you literally can change your body with crystals, which I know sounds too good to be true. Here's another way of looking at it; Crystals change your vibration, which changes the way you feel, which changes the actions you take. If you're over-eating that means you're mind and body are not consciously connected so you're not in aligned with your true, skinny, healthy, sexy self. 

The best crystals for weight loss: Blue Apatite

It literally curbs your apatite! It allows you deeply connect to your true self by removing any foggy thoughts or misaligned patterns or conditioning. So before you down that bag of cheese-doodles, check in with your crystal to see if this is a conscious choice!

The best tool to use: Jewelry

You want this blue apatite with you all the time as a reminder to stay connected to your consciousness so you can make aligned food and fitness decision! Wear it in a place you can always see it, like on your wrist, or carry it in your pocket! I am obssessed with Gorjana's bracelets and have like 10 of them. 

Chakra Tip:

Blue Apatite is associated with the throat chakra which connects your mind and body to realize your true self. Under all the conditioning, your true self looks and feels sexy AF, and when you have a clear throat chakra, you speak, think and act it! 

Cure dullness with crystals

Girl, you deserve to sparkle! When we get bogged down, stressed or are not re-charging our batteries nearly as much as our iPhones, we start to loose that vibrance. Let's get it back!

The best crystals to cure dullness: Citrine and Clear Quartz

Citrine gets it's energy from the sun and is full of joy, vibrance and confidence. Your skin needs it! 

Clear Quartz actually lifts your vibe and can lift your skin. It will bring you back to life!

The best tools: Face Mask and Oils

I am obsessed with an at-home facial and use some kind of face mask every few days. I bought the Elemis Quartz Lifting Mask in New York when I was feeling blah from travel and airplane air was making me look dull. After using this quartz mask I immediately felt sparkly! 

I also use the Herbivore Citrine Body Oil every single day on my legs chest and arms, and I even on my face! It smells so frickin' tropical and immediately lifts my mood and makes me look shiny and glowing! 

Chakra tip: 

Clear quartz is a multi-chakra stone, meaning it can pretty much bring clarity and cleansing to any chakra and any problem you're going through. It's a cure-all! 

Citrine is one of my fav crystals and I use it daily to amp up my solar plexus vibes which gives you confidence, allows you to be your true, fun self, and re-charges your energy if you're working hard or over-tired. Citrine is the opposite of dull!!

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xo Amber-Lee