How to Stay Motivated and Zen When Working From Home

Working from home has its perks; sleeping in, not having to wear un-comfortable office clothes, mid-day Real House Wives of NY breaks. However, it's easy to get a little stir-crazy and chaotic when there's no separation between work and home.  

I've been full time in my biz for over 2 years now, holla, so I've really mastered how to stay proactively sane but also re-active when you have the unavoidable meltdowns that happen, usually during Mercury Retrograde, and/or PMS.

Here are my best tips:

Get some D...Vitamin D that is

Every morning I take my dog for a walk, get into the fresh air, and clear my head after a long morning Insta-scroll. I often get some of my best ideas because I'm basically doing a walking meditation (before I get to my real meditation).

Getting oxygen to your brain and vitamin D vibes on your skin activates your solar plexus chakra keeping you motivated, excited and  on track throughout your day. Whether you're taking a morning walk, eating your lunch on the patio, or taking an afternoon saunter around the block when you hit a wall, you're actually creating more space for ideas and solutions to flow to you #ThanksUniverse!

If it's raining and you have naturally curly hair and refuse to step outdoors, no worries, catch some solar vibes inside with some citrine crystals or citrus essential oils!

Dress for your Root Chakra

Cotton grows from the Earth which is the supportive AF element of the Root Chakra that will make you feel grounded, strong and powerful! 

I like to look good though and it's hard to find that balance between yoga clothes and jeans (no thank you) so I am obsessed with LA Made, they are a totally ethical cotton company made in LA. Shop my duster and fave tank below.

Honestly, sometimes I just stay in my Pyjamas, not gonna lie. "Pyjamin'....I hope you like Pyjamin toooo". I am obssessed with the buttery feel of Plum Pretty Sugar PJs! See below for my picks!


Chakra Girl Co Working from Home Clothes.jpg

Be your prettiest self

The hotter you feel, the more confident you feel, the less stressed and anxious you feel. Do the math. 

I'm not always wearing full prom make-up, but whether I'm leaving the house or not I do a 5 min make-up routine.  I always use my Glossier Skin Tint, Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer, Benefit Brow Liner, and Oribé lip conditioner and my mood is immediately boosted.

I am currently living for Oribé Dry Conditioner and Dry Shampoo so I don't look like a ragamuffin between washes! It smells amazing, is super chic, and makes my hair look super fresh and shiny. Plus, I'm a sucker for luxurious branded products on my counter. This girl ain't got time to wash her hair err' day to thanks Oribé for saving me!

Shop my 5 min beauty, and in-between-washes products!

Cleanse that energy, like 5 times/day

After pretty much every conversation I have with a client or colleague, I cleanse my energy. I also do it right in the morning before my bath/shower (yes I do both every morning), and at the end of my work day. 

If you're new to the work of energy clearing, lemme break down all the best ways to rid yourself of energy that's not yours:

Sage: It litterally cleanses the energy from your space. Light and swirl it around in counter clockwise direction (lefty-loosey) to un-wind the stess!

Palo Santo: After saging I like to fill the space with Palo Santo smoke because it brings joy, abundance and feminine vibes #Flow

Selenite: This is such a powerful crystal, if you listen to Chakra Girl Radio you may have heard my story about how selenite cleansed my energy so hard it made me throw up. They have selenite lamps, so that's a more chill way to cleanse the vibes and keep your lunch down!

Chakra Girl Meditation Bundle: Meditate with me in the morning to activate your chakras or in the afternoon when your day is feeling hairy, or heck I'll even meditate with you at night to get your energy ready for rest! My mediations literally cleanse the blocks from your chakras so your vibes can manifest everything you want! Get $10 off with coupon code "podcast"!

Desk Adornments to raise the vibes

I need to have pretty things to look at and I am constantly moving my desk stuff around and switching up the vibes. It's also great to have a plant or flowers around too because they are living things and actually give you life! 

Having pretty things around support your ability to tap into your heart chakra so you can feel more feminine and more in flow so you don't have to hustle and be so masculine while you work!

Have a yummy candle burning too, I am obssessed with Voluspa Candles, check out my fav scent below. 

I also love Anthropology for all their amazing desk adornments! I went kind of wild their when I moved to my new home. 

Clock out with a ritual

You've got to have something that signifies the end of your day. This is how you telly our brain that it's time to go from boss bitch mode to loving, present wife mode. 

You can have a bath, change your clothes, or indulge in your own happy hour. 

Obvi I am big into wine, and one that I am currently obsessed with is Summer Hills "Om" wine. Guys, they use biodynamic farming, which means they harvest their grapes according to the moon cycles, AND once the wine is bottled they place it in a frickin' pyramid building that way constructed using ancient geometry and is filled with crystals. It literally balances the vibes and molecules of the wine to make it taste better and more zen!

That's how I want to end my day.

Comment below with your fav work from home tips or any questions you have about staying zen and motivated! 

xoxo Amber-Lee

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