Is Your Ego Being A Major A** H***?

Raise your martini glass if you have a reoccurring pattern of self-doubt, negative thoughts, or making yourself feel like garbage...Well, duh, we've all been there. We've all compared ourself to a Kardashian, held ourself back from a hot opportunity because we didn't feel "good enough," muttered the words "What the f*ck is wrong with me." 

Even worse, have you ever gotten over said rut, enjoyed the heck out of your life for a good while, thought you'd moved on, then noticed the drama creeping back in? Good news, it means you're growing! Lemme explain...

You have to experience some dark in order to see contrast with the light so you can set intentions, learn the hard lessons and really GROW. 

IDK about you, but the full moon is Scorpio really messed sh*t up for a few days. I was shedding some old drama, which is a total bonus, but in the process, some old negativity came bubbling up and it took me some time to really know what to do with it. 

You get to learn from my process! :) 

The Ego Only Knows About Your Past

My coach, James Williams, said this to me because I was saying negative things like "I'm not good at..." "I always...". 

You're way smarter than your ego! You know you have the ability to grow, to change, to up-level, the love the f*ck out of your life. It might take some work, but having those types of limiting thoughts will actually stop you from doing the work. 

Write down a whole list of what you know to be true about your ability to change your situation (positive thoughts only). 

Who has the energy to do the work when you're so busy trash talking yourself? That's just poor energy management! 

Don't Make Your Feelings Wrong

#RealTalk - This is something that I've been working on a lot. Honouring your negative feelings and accepting them is a HUGE part in being able to turn them into positives. 

Can you have empathy for yourself as you would your best friend or someone being interviewed by Oprah? Can you shed a tear of love for yourself like you do when you watch a commercial about animals?

Remember my first point of this email, the ego only knows the past, so have some understanding for why that thought exists. I'm not asking you to switch into victim mode, because that doesn't look good on anyone, but you can totally have empathy for yourself and your thoughts!

There is nothing wrong with you for having negative thoughts. Know that every time the Universe has big things in store for you, she's going to make sure you clean house and freshen up your mindset so the thoughts are just reminders to be your highest self and love yourself. 

Focus on the Feels

Rather than focussing on how to fix a problem, focus on how you want to feel instead. Write a list of all the feels you wish to embody and then get your manifestation muscle in action!

That means focusing on how you ALREADY are all of those feelings.

You can fully incorporate the chakras into this! What chakra energies do you want to rev up? Maybe it's the confidence in your Solar Plexus. List the ways you already feel confident and focus on that energy every day! 

Shed Your Snake Skin

When drama pops up it's so you can learn a lesson and move onto the next level. Don't get too fixated on "fixing" yourself, that just gives power to your ego!

Show up today as the woman that honours her feelings and loves herself. What does she do differently, how does she feel? 

Do you realize how easy it is to start showing up as her now? Start small and then encompass her full being!

Shed your fears today, shed your negative self talk, shed the need to make your feelings wrong. 

Embrace self love, embrace acceptance, embrace growth and the fact that you really have all is takes to go to the next level. 

P.S: If you're really to take things to the next level, book a free consultation call with me. There are some really exciting things going on a Humble HQ, made special for the woman that's ready to make a big impact and be the next big thing.