Tory Dube, Holistic Nutrition & Energy Work, on Chakra Girl Radio

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Holistic Nutrition & Energy Work


Tory Dube is a holistic nutritionist / energy worker who helps women heal their bodies and their relationship with themselves with energy work - it's actually really cool how she does this and she is really funny, high vibe and cool.

Tory also has a really fun podcast, "An excellent example of being human" that you have to check out!

This episode is so fun, and one of the most informative yet! She's sharing:

+ How to use energy to fix your food issues

+ The foods to stop eating now

+ Getting clear on the entire eco-system of your life to create healthier and more mindful habits

+ Using your healthy body to manifest everything you want in life



Podcast: An Excellent Example of Being Human, on iTunes

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