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Stop lying (to yourself) + Free Exercise: #HonourYourself

Hey ,

Real talk from your spiritual BFF, how often do you keep your word, to yourself? 

"I’ll start my diet on Monday" – Then you scarf down a box of macarons
"I’ll start writing my book this week" – Then you scroll through Instagram for 4 hours/day instead
"I’ll launch my business today" – Then you decide you have to completely re-do your website, question your brand name and want to lose 20 lbs first

I spoke about excuses last week and how to identify them, and today I'm talking about honouring your word.

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What the eff have I been doing all month?

Hey girl!

You may have noticed I've been kind of MIA this month, and for that I'm sorry, BUT I really missed you!!!

I hope your new year is off to a flawless start! (Unless you're doing "sober January," I can't with those people. Not because I want everyone to drink their faces off, but because it's my birthday month, so…drink).

The first month of the new year is so symbolic of how you're going to own it for the next 12 months and I FULLY use all the energy it has to offer to kickstart my goals for the year. I've been movin' and shakin' so I've created a January Diary, complete with photos, so you can catch a glimpse of what I've been up to! 

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