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Stop lying (to yourself) + Free Exercise: #HonourYourself

Hey ,

Real talk from your spiritual BFF, how often do you keep your word, to yourself? 

"I’ll start my diet on Monday" – Then you scarf down a box of macarons
"I’ll start writing my book this week" – Then you scroll through Instagram for 4 hours/day instead
"I’ll launch my business today" – Then you decide you have to completely re-do your website, question your brand name and want to lose 20 lbs first

I spoke about excuses last week and how to identify them, and today I'm talking about honouring your word.

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[podcast] Return Everything: HRH Holiday Gift Guide is Here

In this episode we talk about:

1. Stomach problems and Christmas Lights
2. Smelling like a Goddess
3. Mermaid skin body oil
4. Furry Slides Forever
5. Slippers are OUT, This is what’s IN
6. An 8 Hour Beauty treatment we’re obsessed with
7. Panamas that feel like butter
8. HRH Approved Makeup Gifts
9. How to look Glossy
10. The basic bitch gift we still want
11. Gifts for guys (including a somewhat inexpensive one)
12. A face-structure-changing facial
13. A weekend in LA LA Land
14. A very humbling experience…on our backs
15. Don’t give AF about other people’s stuff
16. Pussy hacks to calm people down

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[podcast] Vagina Monologues

In this episode we talk about:

1. Kim Kardashian For President
2. The departure of Steph Shep
3. The HRH PMS Drama Prevention Plan
4. Period Mindset
5. Why you need to have a Vagina Monologue
6. Heal your Cramps with Chakras
7. Spencer Pratt’s “Maybe”
8. Offensive Fridge Drawings at 3AM
9. Colonic dreams
10. The “huffing coffee” cleanse

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[podcast] How Can She Afford That?!

GUYS! We are back, explaining nothing and talking about everything. Here are the topics for today:
1. Pumpkin Spice Hair
2. Early 2000s NYC Socialite Drama
3. Hating photos of yourself
4. Natural Deodorant Drama
5. Being A Food God
6. Social Media Detox
8. Humble Office Chairs
9. Mystical Physiotherapists

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[podcast] When Sh*t Hits The Fan

Today the girls are sharing what to do when things happen that are really sh*tty and how to recover! They share what they did during their most recent breakdowns, getting out of the darkness. How to get ditch your expectations, be a carefree AF and roll with the punches. They also talk about orange nail polish. See you THERE!

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