Stop Doing Things You Hate In Your Business

I am on a plane to Santa Barbara for a 2 day conference and with my coach and my Mastermind sisters and I am hella excited that this is my career. Yes I traveled to cool places when I had a "job-job," but there's really something special about it when you don't have a per-diem or a boss that frowns upon getting tipsy on wine on the flight and scarfing down tapas boxes (multiple) on the company's dime. 

A girl's gotta enjoy her life AND her business. 

I can vouch for the theory that having more fun in your biz makes you more money, not to mention how much more inspiring and impactful you can be in you have a big gorgeous smile on your face! 

If you're doing your business full time, you're your only boss! Even if you're just side hustling, trying to get your biz off the ground, you are so in the driver's seat of making this happen! Are you a fun boss or a mean boss?

How are you treating yourself?

If you aren't as successful/rich/productive/motivated as you want to be with your biz, a lot of it comes down to how you're treating yourself.

If you're being the type of boss that doesn't allow you to take a long lunch or leave early on Friday, you're a mean boss. 

You need to create a working environment and company culture that lights you up and keeps you motivated or before you know it you'll want to quit. 

What are you doing in your business that you want to break up with?

I literally want you to make a list of EVERYTHING you do in your business. Go through the list and put a sad face next to everything you don't enjoy. 

Some people cannot stand funnels, while others are so down with them. Some people think Instagram is pointless and frustrating while others spend their whole day editing photos and curating sure cohesive accounts. 

You have to really do it all BUT you can make it easy for yourself but manifesting situations, people, ideas and solutions to move your business forward. 

I work with my clients to get the strategy and technology in place so they're ready to bring in clients, but the arguably more important part is getting the energy aligned and ready to bring in the clients. This means chakra balancing, being obsessed with what you're doing, having a crystal clear vision of your purpose, and ENJOYING your business and life.

Once you're connected on all levels to your purpose, you can stop doing the things that you hate and make time for the things that you love!

Getting help is easier than you think. 

Are you doing the strategy AND the energy work?

You can't build a successful business if you're constantly pushing the strategy, trying to make everything perfect and doing all the things you're supposed to be doing.  If you're only focussing on strategy you'll end up with a cookie cutter business. You know the ones. You've seen the copy cats. 

The energy work is a deep dive into your authenticity, your energy and your connection to your ability to make things happen in your own, unique way. I really hope you didn't read that and feel a bit freaked out. If you don't feel like you're being authentic and original, there is still so much hope without having to totally re-create your business. 

What are you doing to change it from an energy level and a strategy level?

As your own boss, are you going to encourage yourself to find the balance between the strategy and the energy? Are you ready to finally feel authentic? 

Imagine a business where you ONLY did the work you love while assistants took care of the rest. Where you get to travel all over the world and work when you please. Where you felt so aligned with your business that you didn't even feel like you were selling or marketing, you were just being you, having fun, and watching the clients roll in. 

It's time to go to school on ENERGY ALIGNEMENT

There's still one spot left for my new program, Chakra Girl Alignment School. 

This is a condensed program, where youget to work 1:1 with me AND have access to my group program that launches in June. 

It's not meant to be difficult! We're making success FAST by getting you aligned in your chakras, with your purpose and how to enjoy your life + business.

  • 1, 90 minute intensive + 3, 1hr calls with me over 8 weeks. That’s 1 call every 2 weeks PLUS access to 8 group calls and self study modules in my new group program, launching in June ($2500 Value)
  • Unlimited email access
  • Access to all of the content used with my high level clients
  • A customized plan and content folder for your specific needs
  • You also get 7 bonus meditation audios and chakra training

Weeks 1-2: We’re reconnecting to your purpose and up-level your services to get them aligned with what REALLY lights you up which allows your ideal clients to connect on an energetic level. During these weeks we’re tapping into your root chakra and your sacral chakra to get grounded in your purpose and get creative in your connection. 

Weeks 3-4: We’re balancing your feminine and masculine energy - getting you back in-touch with the feminine energy of allowing that your business needs just as much as the masculine energy of strategy and implementation. This means we’re coming up with a strategy and manifesting the best possible outcome! We’re tapping into your true self in the solar plexus and the ultimate balance in your heart chakra.

Weeks 5-6: We’re Implementing and getting your big ideas and new offers out there and making the sales! We’re connecting to your throat chakra to really express your purpose to your audience and your third eye chakra to connect to yourself and what your ideal clients need in the sales process!

Weeks 7-8: We’re getting you into your new flow! You’ve launched your new services and it’s time to get your system going once and for all so you can have that steady stream of clients AND map out how you’re going to continue to enjoy your life! We’ll also make a plan for your next 3 months and your next offer so you can launch it easy-breezy next time! We’re tapping into the crown chakra to live your purpose and the integration of ALL chakra to really enjoy your new life and successful business! 

The investment for this program is $3497 which is about half of my regular 1:1 price. It’s pretty insane value and I can assure you I won’t be offering this price again! Click here to book your application call, you must include your URL for my review!

What’s not included: 

This is not a program for someone that doesn’t have business or a website. I am able to support you with the technical sides of your business but this course is designed for the women that already knows that stuff and is ready to make big moves. 

This program is by application only! I will be reviewing where you’re at in your business and if I feel you’re not far along enough I will suggest a different program for you. Please click here to book a call and you MUST include your URL for my review. 

Live, business and purpose is nothing if you aren't living in enjoyment! Let's get you aligned so you can finally get into the flow of success, abundance and amazing clients!!

Remember, there's only ONE spot until this program is gone forever!