Rosie Acosta, Reinventing Yourself and Manifesting your Best Life


Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Life Coach and Podcast Host

Rosie Acosta

On this episode of Charka Girl Radio we are chatting with the one and only Rosie Acosta! She is  a yoga + meditation teacher, teacher trainer, life coach, podcast host and inspirational speaker. Her podcast is called Radically Loved and it's so good, def listen AFTER this episode…this is such a good one guys, Rosie is SO funny and just the best!

We're talking about

+ Saging away the darkness (and ghost drama),

+Changing the course of your life from bland to grand,

+How to play the role of who you want to be and manifesting a #yachtlife

+Connecting with your partner even when you feel crazy.


This episode is brought to you by:

The Chakra Girl Meditation Bundle. I created this series of meditations for you to tap into your chakra energy with me every day, because as you know, when you activate your chakras you can manifest anything! 

My Chakra Update:

I fell asleep on the couch at 11:30 on New Year’s Eve, so there’s that. But I had the BEST time with my bestie in Whistler and basically just went on double dates for 5 nights in a row. Also have you guys every used the drinking app called Picolo?! It’s basically like an app version of truth or dare and it’s WAY to much fun! But whatever trouble you get into you can’t blame on me - play at your own risk…but also keep me in the loop about all the wild times you have!

Chakra Tip of the Day:

Celery Juice - are you guys in on this trend yet? I definitely feel way more energized and was able to make it through a whole personal training session without snapping at my trainer, so I think that’s a win! Tune into this episode to hear all the good things about juicing and how this trend is actually so good for the heart chakra.

Chakra Shout Out:  

For an at home face lift I’ve been using the NuFace Facial Spa - you guys have to check it out!  It’s like this tool that you run across your face, it has these metal plates on them and they pulse to strengthen the muscles in your face! Isn’t that wild?! I’m beyond obsessed with this guys - make sure to check out this episode to hear about all the good things this is doing for my face, and could be doing for yours!


Here are the links to these amazing products and resources and we talked about on this episode!

Rosie Acosta

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Instagram Handle: @rosieacosta

Facebook Group: Radically Loved Tribe