I am so happy to be back atcha' after as seriously life-changing trip to beautiful Bali, Indonesia where I hosted a transformation retreat with my business bestie, for 6 amazing women. I've returned from this trip a new woman for many reason which I will get into for you below, but the core message I want you to take away from this is that if something is in total alignment with your purpose (and your chakras obvi!), you can do miraculous things that you never even knew were possible for you. 
Hosting this retreat with my biz bestie, Sofie from Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch, was something that seemed like a pipe dream but I must say that it was actually quite "easy" to pull off because the Universe was so on our side! #TotalAlignement
I'm not saying this to brag, but it was actually so much better than we ever could have imagined. All of the women with us at the retreat were PERFECT and got so much value out of our content, not to mention they made life-long friends. Some even switched their flights to stay and travel together for longer! Nothing made my heart melt more than that!
This trip inspired me in ways I didn't know existed and I'm so happy to have such a fab audience (YOU!) to share it all with!
Before you read through all of the learnings I'm sharing with you, I want you to think of that one thing that you want so much, but have been too afraid, or "not ready" to try. Maybe you want to host a retreat around the world with amazing women, or have a business that allows you to travel, network, and make money by enjoying your life. Let everything you read re-assure you that it's so possible for you!
Just know that the fears and feelings of things not being possible for you are all things we felt before this retreat too, but we did it anyways. 

My Top A-Ha Moments:

  • There is nothing more important or powerful that women uplifting each other – The shifts that we all made on this retreat were like frickin' magic because the power of all of women together was more powerful than any one woman ever. 
  • Knowing how to be present is the key to enjoying your life and showing up fully for others. Your own insecurity or drama should never hold you back from being in the moment, which is easier said than done, but learn what you need to be there.
  • Every choice should be made with the intention of freedom - The amazing Mel Wells spoke at our retreat and told us all about how every choice she makes in her life and her business revolves around whether or not it makes her feel free. Love that.
  • Business partnerships and any partnerships require balance and for each person to have different strengths. I could not be any more blessed to work with Sofie who is the organization to my chaos and the realist to my huge ideas. 
  • Pure magic can come from a simple idea and starting before you're ready. All of the women at the retreat launched a next-level offer after only planning it for 30 mins (okay it was a but longer than that but still it was insane). The retreat itself wasn't something we felt "ready" for, but we did it anyways and if we would have waited it would have never happened!
  • In business, all that matters is serving. My clients are just the most un-real women that ever existed and nothing in this business is anything without them. They are my purpose and I am so grateful they are in my life. It's easy to get caught up in the money but always go back to your purpose!
  • You need to enjoy your life more. We get so caught up in the day to day that we miss out on things we love whether it's your fav TV show, spending time with friends, checking out new restaurants, or moving forward in general. 
  • Things don't have to be hard in order to be successful – Enjoying your business and your life is what brings you success, clients and money! It's not about the structures, the processes, the funnels…it's about shining a bright light, being on a high frequency and letting the Universe guide you! 

Bring your thoughts back to that one things you want to achieve…

Has your perspective changed?
If you have a business and you're not where you want to be, you're not getting the money, the clients, the JOY out of it, it's time to infuse some alignment into your life! 
You're trying to do all the things, all the processes, all the funnels…but are you enjoying it? Are you enjoying life? Is it in alignment with your purpose or is it taking away from your purpose?

How to get aligned in your business and make your vision board come to life.

I am introducing a new, condensed program for the woman that's lots the joy in her business, called "Chakra Girl Alignment School – Get Your Business in Flow and Enjoy your Purpose". This is not even on my website and I am only offering it to 2 women ever.  
This is for the woman that's ready to let alignment into her business to finally attract the right people and ENJOY her life and business. Click here to apply if this is you!


You've been in business for a while but everything is feeling forced and there is no flow (If this is you, you'll totally know how that feels). You're ready to connect on a deeper level to your business, your purpose and your heart, because that's the only way to get a steady flow of clients that you actually love to work with.
It's time to:

  • Stop working insanely long hours doing things that don't feel good and sure as hell don't feel free! All you have to do is get back into alignment to let things FLOW. 
  • Stop doing things because you think you "should" be doing them.
  • Stop being constantly distracted by money fears and insecurities so you can focus on what really matters (living your purpose, making an impact and enjoying your life!)
  • Stop letting time pass you by because you aren't enjoying your life or biz
  • Stop dreading your client calls because you have attracted the wrong audience
  • Stop waiting to launch something until it's perfect (that will never happen)
  • Stop thinking you have to do this all on your own

What's included in Chakra Girl Alignment School: 

This is a condensed program because it's not meant to be difficult! We're making success east by getting you aligned in your chakras, with your purpose and how to enjoy your life + business.

-       1, 90 minute intensive + 3, 1hr calls with me over 8 weeks. That's 1 call every 2 weeks
-       Unlimited email access
-       Access to all of the content used with my high level clients
-       A customized plan and content folder for your specific needs
-       You also get 7 bonus meditation audios and chakra training
Weeks 1-2: We're reconnecting to your purpose and up-level your services to get them aligned with what REALLY lights you up which allows your ideal clients to connect on an energetic level. During these weeks we're tapping into your root chakra and your sacral chakra to get grounded in your purpose and get creative in your connection. 

Weeks 3-4: We're balancing your feminine and masculine energy - getting you back in-touch with the feminine energy of allowing that your business needs just as much as the masculine energy of strategy and implementation. This means we're coming up with a strategy and manifesting the best possible outcome! We're tapping into your true self in the solar plexus and the ultimate balance in your heart chakra.

Weeks 5-6: We're Implementing and getting your big ideas and new offers out there and making the sales! We're connecting to your throat chakra to really express your purpose to your audience and your third eye chakra to connect to yourself and what your ideal clients need in the sales process!

Weeks 7-8: We're getting you into your new flow! You've launched your new services and it's time to get your system going once and for all so you can have that steady stream of clients AND map out how you're going to continue to enjoy your life! We'll also make a plan for your next 3 months and your next offer so you can launch it easy-breezy next time! We're tapping into the crown chakra to live your purpose and the integration of ALL chakra to really enjoy your new life and successful business! 
The investment for this program is $3497 which is about half of my regular 1:1 price. It's pretty insane value and I can assure you I won't be offering this price again! Click here to book your application call, you must include your URL for my review!
What's not included: 
This is not a program for someone that doesn't have business or a website. I am able to support you with the technical sides of your business but this course is designed for the women that already knows that stuff and is ready to make big moves. 
This program is by application only! I will be reviewing where you're at in your business and if I feel you're not far along enough I will suggest a different program for you. Please click here to book a call and you MUST include your URL for my review. 
Live, business and purpose is nothing if you aren't living in enjoyment! Let's get you aligned so you can finally get into the flow of success, abundance and amazing clients!!

Remember, there are only 2 spots until they're gone forever so click here to book your call.

PS: Sofie and I are going to be creating a course on how to host aligned and successful retreats (actual title of the course is TBD), but if hosting retreats is in your future, hit reply and I will get you on the waiting list!