Champagne and Teslas and Diamonds, oh my!

{FREE TRAINING} How to Manifest More Clients With Ease and Flow

I’m guessing that living a first-class lifestyle is something that’s high on your list of priorities.  You love the good life!  Traveling business class, sipping champagne (or a great glass of red) with your girlfriends, a luxurious spa day, and shopping online for that perfect handbag are all your idea of a fantastic time.  But guess what you need to do all those things?

That’s right.  Money.  

Now some people will tell you that money isn’t spiritual.  They’ll say it’s greedy or materialistic to focus on calling in money to your life.  They’ll act like they’re more enlightened than you because they focus on service and never talk about the cash it takes to make their lifestyles into reality. 

But we chakra girls know better!  We know that money isn’t “good” or “bad” - it’s simply a tool of energy exchange.  We don’t attach our worth to our bank account - we’re already beyond worthy. Yet we also know that increased financial abundance lets us serve others from a place of fullness instead of a place of desperation or neediness. When we have a consistent stream of money flowing into our businesses and lives, we recognize that we’re able to share our blessings without feeling like we’re putting our own needs at risk.  

And that, my friend, is why the chakra girl way is to call in those dream clients and manifest that money!  

So how are you doing with that? Are you able to easily create the income you desire by serving your ideal clients? Do you find that your life is well-balanced between work, self-care, and play?  Or do you feel like the work is still a struggle, and you’re never sure that there’s enough of you (financially, emotionally, spiritually) to go around? 

Unless and until (and even after that, if we’re being honest) you’ve got your manifesting process dialed in, you need support!  And I’m giving you the opportunity to take part in my special LIVE presentation: How to Manifest More Clients With Ease and Flow.  It’s totally free, and it’s my gift to you for being a part of the chakra girl community!  Make sure you attend to get all your questions answered live! 

In this webinar, I’m going into detail on how you can best balance your masculine and feminine energy throughout each one of your chakras.  We need BOTH of these energies to keep things working smoothly in our businesses and our lives.  This is a robust training with tons of practical take-aways, and you won’t want to miss a second! 

Here’s just a small sampling of the topics we’ll be covering: 

  • Balanced biz strategies
  • Marketing mojo (FB ads, challenges, mini-courses, etc.)
  • How to sell without being sleazy
  • Manifesting (did you know that de-cluttering can make a massive impact on your ability to call in your desires?)
  • Presence - how to show up as your unique and ah-mah-zing self in every aspect of your biz and life

I rarely host a presentation like this, so don’t let the chance to learn from me live pass you by! Register to attend the webinar right here!

With lots of love and more of the light, 


P.S. Remember that attending How to Manifest More Clients with Ease and Flow doesn’t cost you a dime!  So you can save your pennies for that shopping spree (which will be so much more fun when you know there’s plenty more money coming your way)! Sign up to attend right here.