Laina Caltagirone, Manifesting Expert, on Chakra Girl Radio


Attorney turned Manifesting Expert


Laina is an Attorney turned Manifesting Expert.  She's sharing her own techniques of manifesting that mixes both spiritual and practice.  She's sharing a WILD story that blew my mind about manifesting a celebrity crush, NBD.  Also about her super rad life in LA.  She is one of my first online friends that I ever made, we got to hang out when I was in LA and she's totally super cool.  

This episode is so good, she's sharing so many tips and juicy ways to manifest whatever you want, you can't miss this one.  We're diving into: 

+ How to open up to receive anything you want 

+ How to snap your celebrity crush

+ How to manifest the results of pretty much ANY situation 




Manifesting Course:

Soulcation Retreat

Morning Mantras:

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