Kiara Schwartz, Travel, Self-Care and the Law of Attraction




On this week’s episode of Chakra Girl Radio we get to chat with the lovely and darling Kiara Schwartz. She is blogger, Founder, Editor, Creative Director of ToBruck Ave – the destination for the spiritually curios traveler seeking a more sustainable lifestyle! 

We have so much to learn from Kiara! We’re chatting all about:

+ Coming out of the spiritual closet

+ The Law of Attraction

+ Travel + self care

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My Chakra Update:

I am leaving for Hawaii in a couple of days and I’m so excited! This is an event for my luxury clients who have been absolutely killing it lately, so make sure you’re following me on Insta to see all the good stuff we get up to. 

Chakra Tip of the Day:

I have had insomnia lately; I’m thinking it’s because of the full moon and Scorpio season, which is just all kinds of dramatic, which brought me to trying out CBD oil. I know it’s not legal everywhere, but it’s legal here so lucky me! Tune into this episode to hear all about how it’s been working for me and why you might want to give it a try. 

Chakra Shout Out:  

My bestie Emily gave me the sweetest hostess gift for hosting her baby shower – a crystal stone card deck! Each card tells you which stone or crystal you should get and all the benefits and ways to use it. You need to check out this episode to hear the card I pull for you!


Here are the links to these magical, game-changing products and resources Kiara and I talked about on this episode!

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