Justine Marjan, Hustling vs. Aligning Your Energy to be your Best Self


Beauty Influencer and Celebrity Hairstylist with a Spiritual Soul

Justine Marjan

Today we're chatting with Justine Marjan, beauty influencer and celebrity hairstylist with a spiritual soul. She does hair for the Kardashians, Ashley Graham and all the hottest celebs and she's launched a line of hair accessories with crystals in them and they are AMAZING!

In this episode we're talking about:

+ Hustling vs. aligning your energy 

+ How to be a calming presence in stressful situations, 

+ Not letting fear be an excuse and the energetic tricks to being the best at what you do! 


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My Chakra Update:

Guys it’s December - oh emm gee! I’m doing my best to get all of my holiday shit ready and get in the holiday spirit. We’re putting up our tree this week and I’m just ordering everything from Amazon. I so wish that we could have a real tree but you can’t in a condo BUT we did find a fake Christmas tree with the lights already on so that’s pretty amazing.

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Chakra Tip of the Day:

I’m making this a holiday themed Charka Tip - An energy shield! We spoke about this back on another episode of Charka Girl Radio but basically you just imagine that you have a field energy around you that only lets the good vibes in! I can’t right now with malls and shopping centres so during the holiday season especially this is such a must! Tune into this episode to hear exactly how to execute this chakra tip for best results and your calmest holiday season yet!

Chakra Shout Out:  

Jessica Reid has this super fun quiz to find out what kind of psychic you are! I truly believe that we are all psychic in some way and that we all have some kind of guidance from a higher power. Check out this episode to hear all about the different kinds of psychic abilities someone can have and which one I totally have! Check out the quiz and be sure to DM me on Insta to let me know your results!



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Here are the links to these amazing products and resources and we talked about on this episode!

+ Hayu

+ Jessica Reid Quiz

+Go Get Em Tiger Coffee Shop in LA

Connect with Justine

+ Website: http://justinemarjan.com

+Instagram Handle: @justinemarjan

+Facebook Page: facebook.com/justinemarjanhair

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