Jena Covello, Agent Nateur, on Chakra Girl Radio

Jena Covello, Agent Nateur, Chakra Girl Radio

Natural Beauty + Manifesting Success


Today we talk to Jena Covello, the creative force behind Agent Nateur, a results-driven natural beauty company committed to sourcing the most effective, pure, non-gmo, non toxic ingredients.

Jena dishes about how she started her business with no backing and $300 in her pocket and we get to hear first hand about her beauty regimen and her secrets to great skin.

She's sharing:

+ How to go from not being able to afford food to create mega welth and buying a Porsche

+ The importance of caring for your skin NOW The products and vitamins you need to stay young, vibrant and sexy

+ The key to manifesting even when it feel like you'll never have the life you want



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