Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny, Living the Monaco Life, on Chakra Girl Radio


Founder and CEO of the Method


Today we are talking with Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny, Founder and CEO of the Method - A patented fitness system, based on OG pilates but she's made it unique and nothing like anything else - she has a virtual teaching platform which is so so cool and giving access to the world! She's all just such a unique and inspiring woman and is seriously just lifestyle goals - she lives in Monaco, has an incredible story and a beautiful life, rockin' bod and I can't wait to get all the tips from her!

+ How taking breaks gives you a hotter body and healthier mind

+ How to do an online work out, only 2-4 times/week, from your home to get a long lean body

+ Why cheese is better than protein powder

+ Living the Monaco life of prosciutto and wine before dinner every night and boat trips to Italy on the weekend

Ingrid is also giving away Free recipes, health tips and free flash work out videos available to those who subscribe on 

+ 10% off on Private Sessions via skype (code not applicable to launching virtual platform), with code Chakra

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These are the EXACT meditations I've used to create a Glam + Grounded life I love! They brought me from hot mess to zen success (love a good cheesy rhyme!). 

I've had people ask me about my diet but everything in this episode is totally opposite of what I'm doing and I can't wait to live the life we talk about today - but I am doing a three day reset - smoothies, both broth and blended soups

Going away for the weekend to wine country

Chakra tip of the day - Renewal and Full Moon Rituals

Chakra Shout Out - Goddess roller from Saje