Keep it goin, keep it goin, keep it going FULL STEAM. 

Hey beautiful! 

I am guessing that, like me, you have been eating, drinking and being merry A LOT more than usually over the couple of weeks, and that the end of the festivities is not quite in sight. 

Also, like me, you don't want to lose momentum or get stuck in party mode, only to jager-bomb your way into 2016 as you have done in previous years.

I am going to tell you why the holiday's are a perfect time to get a head start on your goals, and how you can keep the hustle going despite all of the Holiday cheer (meaning, rum and eggnog).

Let's start with explaining why this is the perfect time to kick into high gear:

Receiving gifts can raise your vibration.

That's right, receiving is JUST as important as giving.

Let's try a little exercise...

Close your eyes and take a few breaths...Now think about what it feels like to be stressed, and notice instantly what your body feels like. If you pay REALLY close attention, you may feel small waves of hot-mess-energy running upwards across your chest.

Now, let's reset and try to think about what the physical vibes of receiving feel like.  

Not NEARLY as easy or familiar is it? 

Once you really silence your mind you may be able to feel small airy vibrations going in a downwards or inwards motion. 

The more often you can carry that feeling with you, the more opportunities, love, and abundance (meaning, CASH) you will receive.

So when someone gives you a gift, card or hug, focus on those physical sensations and really soak in them! 

Your goals are fresh and exciting.

If you have not done so yet, write down your 2016 goals. Even if you are super vague right now, just get them on paper so you are clear on what you want. 

That excitement with ALSO raise your vibration.

Make sure you act like you already have accomplished them, that is when you can attract the result. 

You get to talk yourself up.

You are connecting with so many people over the holidays and probably feel like a broken record with your response to "How are you?" and "What's new".

Let's spice that up! 

Your old response: Oh you know, not much, just trying to get through the holidays and start fresh in 2016. Still working at the same place, living in the same place, just me and my cat *starts showing cat pictures to nervous people*.

Your new response: I am amazing! I have been enjoying the holidays and working really hard towards finishing this years goals so I can start fresh on some even bigger goals for next year like moving into a bigger place, and some really epic career/business goals, super exciting stuff. 

See the difference there? (if you are talking to me though, please still show the cat pics, I frickin love cat pics).

When you are excited about you, other people get excited about you, and then you will get even MORE excited!

Now that you know WHY the Holidays are the best time to keep moving towards your goals, here are a few MUST DO tips to keep the hustle going. 

Keep your daily practice alive.

I know it is SUPER easy to stop taking care of yourself over the holidays. It feels like there is just not enough time once you tend to your hang over, pull yourself together, go shopping for the 78th time and then get yourself all dolled up for ANOTHER party...

Be lenient yet firm with yourself...

For example, if you know you are likely going to pass out with your dress and full makeup on rather than meditate for 20 minutes and write in your journal after 7 glasses of wine, commit to doing a shorter version of your practice the next day, and schedule it into your calendar. 

Make the practice non-negotiable, but allow yourself to honor that you may not have quite as much energy/sobriety/time. 

Keep a positive money mindset.

It is VERY easy to have a major melt down when you look at your credit card statement in December.

PLEASE REMEMBER that money comes and goes. You have probably had times in your life when you were in a way worse spot than you are now, and you got out of it.

The less you focus on the fear and the more you can avoid penny-pinching mode, the more likely you are to keep money flowing your way. 

This year, for the first time ever, my boyfriend and I were able to host a catered dinner party for all of our closest family.

My old scarcity mindset would have had about 7 anxiety attacks. I will admit, there were times when I tallied up how much we spent that I started to get a little bit flustered.

BUT my NEW mindset was so excited about making my family happy and getting to spend time with them (plus my amazing, boozy-apple-cider recipe), and everything turned out perfectly!

Remember, your thoughts are little boomerangs that return the same energy back to you! 

I am not saying you should max out 7 credit cards and put your family up at the Ritz, butPRIORITIZE your spending and don't let it freak you out. 

Take one last shot at accomplishing your 2015 goals.

You can do SO MUCH in 1 week. 

Do not sell yourself and your dreams short. 

Set aside as little as a half an hour a day to send that email, do that workout, keep organized and keep moving. 

Here's to another week of holiday fun AND hustle!

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