Helen Peterson, The Brewed Blonde, on Chakra Girl Radio

Helen Peterson Chakra Girl Radio

Creating Influence + Balance with all Sides of You 


On this episode of Chakra Girl Radio we're chatting Helen Peterson, who's just the sweetest! She's the lifestyle blogger behind the Brewed Blonde which focuses on providing inspiration for millennial business women. From fashion posts to healthy living, Helen aims to inspire young women to not just work hard on their business, but take care of their bodies & splurge on themselves a bit! We're talking about:

+ The power behind showing the world everything about you

+ How to handle a wedding day blunder

+ Amazing beauty and lifestyle tips to keep you balanced

+ The importance of balancing your life and your biz - grinding isn't cute


The Brewed Blond Blog: www.brewedblonde.com 

Balancing Your Hustle Podcastwww.balancingyourhustle.com 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/brewed.blonde