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On today's episode of Chakra Girl Radio we’re speaking with the crystal goddess herself, Heather Askinosie. Heather is the leading influencer on the power of crystals and co-founder of the go-to home of crystal knowledge and resources, Energy Muse.

I have been stalking the Energy Muse's website since I started this journey. I love how Heather learns from all the ancient healers and then brings it to us in a way that is super accessible, no matter where you are in your crystal journey.

Heather is letting us in on her wealth of crystal knowledge and telling us all about:

+ The low down on the crystals you need to buy right now, whether you’re a newbie or expert

+ The detox bath recipe that will cleanse your energy and make you feel like an absolute goddess

+ Why contentment is the new black

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My Chakra Update:

So I am home for three weeks and it feels damn good!

Listen to the episode to find out:

+ All about the Revolve party I'm going to in LA

+ How I am off to Paris with clients that are like 6 figure level, influencer status, and just so amazing. So if you didn't know that I help people with their chakras and their business, now you know! I have fun options for all levels so you can check out my courses here, or if you're ready now to kick your business and chakra into high gear, click here and book a call with me!

+ I'm telling you all about my new Chakra Bible resource centre where I'll be posting every week with my FAV tips about Chakras, spirituality, beauty, fashion, life and reality TV! Check out my first post on my daily ritual when I'm traveling to enjoy your vacation and stay zen!

Stay tuned every Thursday for new posts!! 

Chakra tip of the day:

Fall asleep looking at your third eye - it really helps you stay present and make you have the wildest most intuitive dreams.

Listen to the episode to hear more about what I've been doing to have the best sleeps and the most vivid dreams!!

Chakra Shout Out:  

The Woman Code by Alisa Vitti. I am obsessed with this book and am learning so much!! We chatted about this on Ep. 29, Astro-Forecast with Natalia Benson.

It's all about hormones and how they affect literally everything and it touches on working with your cycle.

More details in the episode!

Go get it!

Here are the links to all the amazing crystals & products Heather & I chatted about!

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