How to Get Out of Your Own Way

I am finishing up this blog post on an air plane to Bali where me, myself and my business bestie, Sofie, from Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch, are hosting a life changing retreat for 6 women that are ready to share their message and launch a next level offer on a huge scale (make sure you follow me on Instagram at @humblebrandco to stay up to date with the Bali happenings!). 

I am not just speaking for myself when I say that fears popped up around taking this huge trip. I am so grateful that everyone joining us on this retreat (including us) were able to get out of their own way and make it happen. 

When you think about your biggest blocks that are holding you back from your desires and your success, how many of them are in your control?


Babe, that was a total trick questions because they all are. I know it sucks to hear it and when I was confronted with this truth a couple of years ago when I was delaying my own success, I immediately started blaming other people and situations because I thought MY scenario was worse. MY scenario was "the exception". 

Unfortunately I was not that special. I was not an exception to the Universal truth that we create our own reality. 

You have big desires to serve the world but when you have to work at your 9-5 wearing clothing you would never wear outside your cubicle, waking up hating the idea of spending more time with your sucky co-workers than you even get to spend with your own friends and family, getting paid barely enough to satisfy your Starbucks addiction…

You try to share your message but you fear that your family, friends and co-workers will judge you. 

You feel like you don't have the same "Je ne sais quoi" that the women you admire have so why bother trying to be an online business mogul that saves the world by supporting one un-happy woman at a time?...


And you DON'T feel capable of switching your situation. 

So how can you get out of the way at let the goodness flow through?

Know what makes you feel like your most fab self (the true you)

What makes you feel lit up, like you could literally take on the world with your whit, charm, and message? How are you acting differently in those moments? How are you showing up? How does it all feel? How can you feel this way every day, just for a fleeting moment (hint, hint: MEDITATE). 

I have GREAT news. Your natural state of being is: F'cking Fabulous.

When you feel great, like things are just flowing, money is showing up for you, you're meeting the right people and getting the right opportunities at the right time, you're in alignment with the true, amazing you

When you feel like you're rowing up a stream with chop-sticks as paddles, that's when your thoughts are out of alignment.

Get REALLY clear with what feels good and how to feel that way every single day.

To pump myself up I will state things that are my truth and honestly the Universal truths for everyone:

+ I have the ability to create amazing things

+ When I'm not feeling great it's because my thoughts and my actions are not in alignment with my natural "f'cking fabulous-ness" and I am in control of getting back into alignment

+ I have he ability to create beautiful and fulfilling opportunities simply by knowing I can and focussing my thoughts and energy of how amazing that feels 

TRY IT! Go on your own f'cking fabulous rampage!

Own up to your tendencies and beliefs that are holding you down

If you're blaming yourself for not being "successful enough" or "good enough" to make a huge impact in this world, what are your beliefs?

I am fully aware that I have asked you about your beliefs in my last 3 posts but I'm working on clearing my own beliefs and have seen serious magic happen in my life in a short time. 

Here's an example of some beliefs that could be holding you back:

+ I am shy and an introvert so I have to change in order to be successful
+ I had a shitty month in my business last month so I am going to have to work really hard to make money this month
+ I am not lucky - I am in a negative spiral and everything is going wrong - mercury retrograde is f'cking with me
+ I'm not educated enough nor do I have enough experience to charge for my services 

Can you relate to any of these? Think of your biggest goals and write down all the reasons you think you can't have them.

Now get the F out of your way girl-friend!

Let's start these instructions off by stating some Universal truths...

+ You create your thoughts
+ Your thoughts create vibrations and actions
+ Those vibrations and actions call in your experiences

Now, let's change those thoughts that are typed out above.

Try these new, shiny beliefs on for size and I'm sure you'll find they fit better than a pair of Lululemon pants.

+ So many successful people are "introverts" and I can't wait to show up for them and be so authentically me so they know they can be whoever they want to be in this world
+ I am putting the misalignment of last month behind me and focussing on how to feel good and aligned. That's when money happens for me! Money happens for me in mysterious ways, always. 
+ My thoughts create my reality
and I choose thoughts are in total alignment with my f'ckin' fab self
+ My desirer to support others and share my story to benefit others is so in alignment with who I am
and with my purpose. I have so much to offer because I can relate to these people on a deep level and be the light for them

How does that feel?

You always have the choice

No matter how thick of a funk you’re in, you have what it takes to change your thoughts by focussing on what makes you feel good. 

It’s all about the vibes you put out there! I hope by now you've decided that you're no longer letting negative thoughts spiral into a sh*tty reality.

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Step 1: Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if you're ready to change. 

Step 2: See what negative beliefs come up, like "I don't have time to make a commitment" or "I don't have money to make a commitment" or "I'm not good enough, ready enough…"

Step 3: Repeat the process of re-writing your beliefs 

Step 4: Book your call with me by clicking here.

Xo,  Amber-Lee

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