Do You Feel Like You're Forcing Success In Your Biz?

It's time to balance the Feminine and Masculine energies girl-friend!

If you've taken the massive step towards launching a business or deciding to launch a business, I'm giving you HUGE props! Like seriously, how cool is that? Not many people take any steps at all towards reaching their desires so give yourself a massive hug! 

Secondly, I want to remind you that you probably made this decision because you want more joy, fulfillment, vacations, shoes, relaxation and FUN if your life. You did NOT do this to become a straight up hermit, stop going to the gym, be glued to your computer and skip meals. 

I get it though, when you love your business and you have massive goals it's difficult to close your lap top and connect to your real life BUT if you don't live your life then what's it all for?! 

It's time to live the life you set out for when you started your business NOW even if you haven't reached your ideal level of "success" which really is subjective! Let's drop the need for validation and have FUN now!

Check in with your balance of feminine and masculine energies

Lemme' break it down for you...

Masculine (lower chakras) - Action, force, strategy
Feminine (upper chakras) - Allowing, trusting, supporting

When all you do is work, work, work, your masculine energy runs way higher.  

It's so important to have BALANCE in these energies. Sit in meditation and ask yourself how you can bring in more feminine energy. Maybe it's rockin' that sexy red lipstick, having a bubble bath or wearing your fav fragrance. Maybe it's giving a ton of heart-centred value to your clients, donating to a charity or just being the goddess you are! 

Be open to receiving

So we chatted about masculine and feminine but there's one more energy that integrates them -LOVE! The heart chakra is smack-dab in the middle of your energy centres and connected them together. So how can you open your heart up to receiving?

Give loveIn your life and your business you have to give in order to receive. You have to love and value your partner for him to return the same to you. You have to love your clients and put their needs first before you have more clients lined up at your door. 

Love yourself - You can't receive in you don't love yourself. How can you connect to the you that exists right now and love her deeply without conditions and without the need of validation. Stop saying things like "I'll be happy when I have..."

What qualities do you love about yourself and how can you integrate them into your life more?

Be open to receiving - The best way to show the Universe that you're ready to receive more is to show that you're grateful for what you have already! Say thank you! Have a daily gratitude practice to tell the Universe you're so happy with what you have and you can't wait to receive more! 
Energy flows out of your right hand to give and into your left hand to receive. Hold your left hand to the sky while you meditate and tell the Universe you're ready to receive!

Live your passion

When you're stuck in your masculine work mode you're sending messages to the Universe that you don't trust you'll get what you want unless you push really really hard. Check in with your beliefs. Why do you belief that only people that work really hard get huge rewards?

Often we're raised to think that the harder you study, the longer you do your homework, the better your grades will be. What if instead we were more present during class? More connected to what we were learning? More passionate about our lessons?

When you become so passionate about what you're doing, the message you're sending and the love you're giving in your business, you remove the force and allow yourself to receive.  THIS is living your purpose in major flow! 

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