Do YOU have one of these chakra imbalances?

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How in tune are you with the chakra imbalances that are messin' with your chi and keeping you from reaching success and flow in your business?

I gave a FULL overview of each chakra in my recent training and you have until Tuesday to watch it for FREE, and get major bonuses. Watch it now. 

One of the main questions I ask EVERY woman I get on the phone with is "What do you think is holding you back?".

Although these are women with massive caviar-dreams, and girl-boss aspirations, they sometimes have no idea why they aren't moving forward. They just know they feel BLOCKED from living that Instagram-worthy life (disclaimer: remember that Instagram is just a highlight real and doesn't show anyones 2am sob fest with their face in bowl of Haagen Dazs).

The feels are usually something like this:

  • You know you're meant for more but you're afraid to admit what you really want because you don't think you'll ever get it
  • You know your energy balance is NOT on fleek. You've heard of chakras and identified that your imbalances must be off the charts but don't know how to solve them
  • You cringe at the idea of being in the same spot in life next year/month/week but just have no idea how to fast track to the good life.

I want to support you in identifying exactly what chakra is blocked so you can start taking action on your dreams. These are the TOP issues faced by the women I work with and exactly what I help them to overcome!

Do you have business or business idea that makes you really excited (some days)...

But you go back and forth wondering if it's good enough, if you're good enough/smart enough/educated enough/pretty enough/tanned enough?

It sounds like your sense of self-worth is questionable, peach (I've been there).

This indicates a no-flow-zone in the Sacral Chakra. 

This is exactly what kept me stuck for 3 years so let me be the one to tell you that JUST AS YOU ARE, you are ready and deserve massive success. In fact is you're MF'in birth right! 

Do you feel naked and scared at the very thought of sharing your story and putting your business out there?

Like, you know it's going to help a lot of people, and you know it's a great business, but you feel frozen with anxiety and uber vulnerable when it comes to being "seen". WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?

Once you get over that Throat Chakra block you will be ready to shine like a Kardashian! It's time to broadcast your important message to the masses!!!! 

Have you started to build your business but constantly hit road blocks that keep you stuck for months at a time...

While you feel OVERWHELMED AF trying to pick up the pieces?

No guidance = Too much guessing game = Too many things on the to-do list = Things taking way longer than they should = Second guessing yourself = Scavenging through too many emails to get free info online = No time for self care = OVERWHELM

This means your Solar Plexus is DEPLETED  

One of my clients had a really cool analogy about spinning plates which is exactly what it feel like to have a Solar Plexus imbalance. Once one plate drops and you drop your head, everything else crashes to the ground (watch your step).

The GREAT news is that fixing this one means you get to have bubble baths, long walks, reading and tea moments, and even spa days. These are highly encouraged! #CareFoYoSelf

Are you playing a mashup version of songs called "I don't know where to start" and "I have no one to support me?" or repeat?

I bet you feel scattered, like you don't know it's you should go left or right, like you just arrived in Paris, don't speak French, and have lost your luggage. 

Feeling un-grounded SUCKS and the first step in making your dream life happen is always unblocking your Root Chakra.

Support is out there, your foundation is ready to be set. I know this because I see it all the time with my clients. 

These really are the CORE chakra blocks that I see with women that are ready to make their business happen but not quite getting into flow. Click here to watch the training replay that gives you more info on each chakra and how that relates to your business. 

Are you SO ready to push past the blocks to find mega success (and hang out with me in Vancouver)?

Getting support is so incredibly important in knowing where to start, pushing past the overwhelm, finally putting yourself out there and sharing your story.

I would not be where I am now (6 figures, holla!) by trying to do it on my own. 

In my program, Chakra Girl Business Elite, we're breaking down your business, step by step, and infusing your chakra energy to create a massive empire

Your life and your business NEED your chakra energy and working on both together is serioulsy magical. 

If you know you're ready to make big things happen, let's chat about how we can do it together. I am here to support you!



PS: The training replay disappears tomorrow!!! Watch it now.