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This week we on Chakra Girl Radio we have all the answers to your questions about money, money, money! That’s right - the amazing financial coach, credit score export and founder of “What the Finances”, Chantel Chapman, is here and is sharing so many good takeaways in this episode. 

She’s teaching us how to:

+ Overcome money trauma

+ Be a big girl with your money game

+ Get out of debt

This episode is brought to you by:

The Chakra Girl Meditation Bundle. I created this series of meditations for you to tap into your chakra energy with me every day, because as you know, when you activate your chakras you can manifest anything! 

My Chakra Update:

Ok you guys seriously have to tune into this episode to hear about the WILD thing that happened to me when I was doing my Kundalini session! Let me tell you when your vibes are up high the most amazing things happen. That’s why I’ve created my high vibes list for all my Chakra Babes out there. It’s a totally free guide full of suggestions and how-to’s for getting those vibes up high when you’re in a funk. 

Chakra Tip of the Day:

Have you heard of Magnetic Hematite?! They are SO cool – I was holding them over each chakra and afterwards I literally felt so light, like I was floating. It’s really good for the root chakra and for achieving a sense of balance. Listen to this episode to hear what makes this tool so awesome!

Chakra Shout Out:  

VitaJuwel Water bottle – ok I am OBSESSED! It changes the molecular structure of the water (which is a real thing – I Googled!) And it’s oh so pretty – seriously you all need to pick up one of these ASAP! 


Here are the links to these magical, game-changing products and resources Chantel and I talked about on this episode!

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