Stop lying (to yourself) + Free Exercise: #HonourYourself

Hey ,

Real talk from your spiritual BFF, how often do you keep your word, to yourself? 

"I’ll start my diet on Monday" – Then you scarf down a box of macarons
"I’ll start writing my book this week" – Then you scroll through Instagram for 4 hours/day instead
"I’ll launch my business today" – Then you decide you have to completely re-do your website, question your brand name and want to lose 20 lbs first

I spoke about excuses last week and how to identify them, and today I'm talking about honouring your word.

If you don’t honour your word you manifest the opposite of what you want:
+ People won’t honour their word to you
+ You deep down won’t think you deserve to follow through for yourself on bigger things
+ You won’t honour your word to other people
+ The Universe won’t take your desires seriously

YUCK, who wants that?! Not me. Not you.

So why the heck do we keep lying to ourselves?

We literally are afraid of getting better, prettier, skinnier, healthier, wealthier, happier, because we’re conditioned to think we’ll never be good enough anyways, so why try? We think it will just hurt more if we try and fail, so let’s just watch Netflix, stick to the mundane schedule, keep scraping by in mediocrity.

K maybe, you’re not that bad. Maybe you’ve already been going for your dream, you’ve already got a great life, BUT there’s always that next step, that quantum leap, that you know is meant for you…

That thing that’s going to make everything better. Maybe it’s something you need to release or something you need to manifest, but whatever it is, the fears you have about your ability to get there are tripping you up and making you a big ol’ liar to yourself, and maybe the people around you.

What's your big-fat lie?

If you want to manifest that Tesla, that designer bag, that perfect marriage, your dream-bod, that business that runs on autopilot, you have to know, like you know, like you know, that:

+ You deserve it
+ You can have it
+ The Universe supports you in having it

How can you be that woman today? What have you been lying to yourself about?

It could be as easy as going grocery shopping...

I just moved into a gorgeous new sub-penthouse condo (photos coming soon), from a fully furnished place…I made the excuse for 6 months in that fully furnished place that I didn’t want to cook because it didn’t feel like my kitchen. I told myself that as soon as I move into my new place I’ll start cooking. 

So we moved in and few other excuses came up and I didn’t keep my word for a few days.

For a few nights we hadn’t picked up all our pots and pans from storage so we went out or ordered in…

I was too tired to cook Sunday night...

I ate a late lunch yesterday and didn’t feel like having dinner so I ate some celery and peanut butter…(true story lol and a couple blueberries)…

NO.MORE.EXCUSES. If you have an excuse today, you'll have one tomorrow because you already broke your trust and are clearly okay with letting yourself down.

Tonight, I am cooking for me and my husband because I am a fabulous wife, I love my body and keep my effing word!

"You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are" – Wayne Dyer
Let’s make this an exercise for you to journal on:

+ What do you keep saying you’re going to do, then putting off?
+ If you did this thing, how would your life be more aligned with your highest self?
+ Do you think you deserve to be your highest self, just as you are now?
+ Explain…
+ What fear comes up for you around being your highest self?
       a) If I try I’ll fail, it’s too much work
       b) I’m not good enough/ready enough/rich enough
       c) I’m afraid if I try I will lose everything
       d) I prefer to play small so not to hurt anyone’s feelings
+ Why does this need to change today?
+ What steps will you take today towards that thing?

Your Chakras know what's up

Whatever lie, excuse, drama, doubt you're holding onto that's stopping you from keeping your word, is buried in your chakra energy and it's blocking you from manifesting what you want..

You need to move that body, get some crystals, and meditate that blocks away! 

My clients know what's up - as soon as something feels "off" they know what chakra to work on, what crystal to use, and how to create the clarity and call in the energy they want to unblock themselves. 

Doesn't that sound great? It's all about reducing that bounce back time and empowering YOU to find alignment within yourself no matter what the Universe throws your way! It's ALL about learning what works for your energy.

Let me be your straight-talking bestie and hold you to your word

I believe in you and I’m not buying into your excuses. If I can build a business, make nearly half a million dollars, travel the world and manifest amazing opportunities and friends in the last two years, imagine what you can do!!

I have a variety of ways that I work with my clients to tap into their chakras, remove the blocks, remove the drama, remove the self doubt…to FINALLY have that dream business, hot husband, overflowing Yves Saint Laurent wallet, and whatever else you desire…

I’ve soft-launched my lowest price program yet for women in the early or beginning stages of business. I haven’t even announced it yet here but there’s already an amazing group of women joined and ready to support you. 

I also work with women who are further along in their businesses and have a program that includes a 1:1 vacation with me (hope you like wine and fun), and a few other options with sweet bonuses.

If you’re OVER the excuses, book an alignment call with meWe’ll sort out where you’re blocked and find a solution that suits your needs, whether that’s allowing me to support you or not. 

ALWAYS honour your word, and do what you say, and if you’re saying YES to making big moves, let’s chat.

PS: Look yourself in the mirror and say "excuses end today"! Then, scoot on over to this trusty link and book your call with me. I LOVE to connect with women that are up to big things in the world and I believe you are!! BOOK YOUR CALL.