What the eff have I been doing all month?


Hey girl!

You may have noticed I've been kind of MIA this month, and for that I'm sorry, BUT I really missed you!!!

I hope your new year is off to a flawless start! (Unless you're doing "sober January," I can't with those people. Not because I want everyone to drink their faces off, but because it's my birthday month, so…drink).

The first month of the new year is so symbolic of how you're going to own it for the next 12 months and I FULLY use all the energy it has to offer to kickstart my goals for the year. I've been movin' and shakin' so I've created a January Diary, complete with photos, so you can catch a glimpse of what I've been up to! 

I'm also sharing some MEGA spiritual up-leveling tid-bits very soon so keep reading to get the goods!

Kicking off 2018 in VEGAS

That's right, my biz besties, Sofie, Jennifer and I packed up our glittziest outfits and our strapping husbands and hit Sin City for the biggest night or the year!


We ate oysters, we drank big wines, we partied with Britney Spears and we LAUGHED until our faces hurt, especially when me realized at 2am that my husband was wearing my Gucci belt, that's another story.

My friends and I confessed that we all had been praying to the Universe to manifest more couple friends and we all found one another! Not only was this trip so fun for us girls, the guys really bonded! It was magic and literally the only time I wanted to stay in Vegas longer.

This was my best New Years yet, to match my best year yet!


Making it rain with the Chakra Girl Mastermind Clique

You may recall at the end of 2017 I launched my first every Mastermind group that's already taking 2018 by storm! 

The end of December and all of January has been a total treat because these women are seeing mega results from being in each other's energy! Let me introduce you to my dream team and tell you what they've already accomplished since joining...(and did I mention they're all babes?)


Monica - The Master of Profitable Influence - Launched a brand new 1:1 service and a brand new group program and is already booking it out.


Martina - The Master of Creating a Glowing Life - Relaunched her successful group program and had her best month in business while finishing all her plans to host a luxury retreat in Thailand.


Heaven - The Master of Divine Wealth - She recognized her value and almost doubled the price of her program, resulting in 13K in sales!


Audane - The Master of Unapologetic Power - Created a brand new program that felt way more aligned, worked through limiting beliefs and has been getting on more discovery calls than ever before.


Kelly - The Master of Creating a Freedom Lifestyle - She finished the year of with 6 figures in sales and ordered a custom version of her dream car.

Kaitlin - The Master of Monetizing Your Passion - She had her first 20K month. Her goal was 10K and she skipped right past 15K to hit over $20K!


Arabella - The Master of Sassy Powerhouse Branding + Genius Ideas - She went on the trip of a lifetime to the US from Australia, got engaged to her dream man, and had her best month in biz.


Camille - The Master of Mystic Design - She got featured in Harpers Bazar and is following her dreams to take her business mobile and set up shop in Hawaii!

And LA Trip of a Lifetime + Major Dreamlife Interview on a Morning Show (wwhaaaattt?)!

My Bombshell trio took over LA this month! Sofie from Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch hosted an event at the swanky, star-studded, Beverly Hills Hotel and I was a guest speaker where I shared all my hot chakra tips and drank champagne with some truly lovely ladies! It was so great to see 2 of my clients there in person as well!


ALSO while in LA, I was interviewed by Good Morning La La Land, a streamed morning show all about collaboration and connection! It was un-frickin'-real being on-set with cameras, my PR agent and brand manager snapping photos for me and meeting the amazing people that make the show happen. I DEFINITELY see a lot more interviews on the horizon, watch out world, the Chakra Girl's hittin' the airwaves!

Jennifer and I also had an Aquarius Sister Birthday Bash where we were rubbing elbows with Leonardo Dicaprio at one of the Kardashians' fav hot-spots! No big deal…Here's a photo of the back of Leo's head.


My 31st Birthday

My ACTUAL birthday was on Jan 24 and was extremely delightful! My husband and I had a spa day and went for dinner at a new fancy restaurant where we ate and drank everything in sight, which is really my fav things to do. I received so many amazing gifts, flowers, cards, messages and calls and felt like the luckiest princess on Earth!


Moving on to bigger and better spaces

As if this month wasn't WILD enough, my husband and I am are moving to a bigger and better home, only 1 block away so that Sampson can still play with his dog-park friends! This place is almost double the size of our current place and we bought ALL new furniture in my fav style: Parisian Art Deco! 

Can't wait to show you everything!!! 

Kundalini Training + MAJOR Spiritual Awakening

K, this is the WILDEST thing ever. I've been waking up at 5am every morning for Kundalini training and it is blowing my frickin' mind! I'm having the craziest dreams, the most vivid childhood flashbacks, random synchronicities, déjà vu, and a feeling like EVERYTHING is coming full circle…#ChakrasOnFleek

I have been getting download after download of guidance, inspiration and learnings that I NEED to share with you! I've decided to go Live on Facebook and maybe even Instagram to share all this knowledge because I think anyone and everyone, especially millennial business babes will have some major a-ha moments and spiritual wake-up calls!!!

If you want to get all the deets, click here and subscribe to messenger updates! I honestly feel like if you're reading this and you're intrigued by any of it, the Universe is telling you to listen up for the major spiritual bombs I'm about to drop!