My Fav Crystal Jewelry to Feel Glam & Grounded, Leah Alexandra

Y'all know me, and what I love more than anything are crystals and fashion so you can bet when they're combined, I go wild for it. Being able to wear your chakra vibes is so key to tap into your inner super-powers and living your best life and I recommend always looking damn good doing it.

I get so many women asking me where I get my crystals so I wanted to share my #1 go-to brand, Leah Alexandra

She's from my home town, is cute AF, totally self-made and successful, and makes to-die-for pieces out of high quality stones from all over the world, including rose quartz, lapis, and one of my favs, moonstone. 

My haute-date-night earrings:

The Moonstone Climbers are Leah's most popular SKU and I bet you can guess why. They are EFFING HOT and totally unique. 

The reason you find these so sexy is because white moonstone is the stone of erotica *Cue Madonna 1992*. It supports your inward journey of tapping into kundalini energy, so saucy!

If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, climb on it. 


Ring Stacks on Stacks on Stacks:

What makes you feel more powerful than a hand FULL of jewels? I'd say, not much. Maybe a hand full of $1000 bills, but that's not as avant garde and doesn't balance your chakras as much as these gorgeous crystals. 

Leah Alexandra has rings of all shapes and sizes designed to stack up for ultimate elegance and bad-assness. 

Did you know that your heart chakra extends through your hands? Your right hand emits loving energy (giving) and your left hand takes in the love (receiving). Be mindful of this when you select your stack!

What crystal vibes do you want to put out, and what vibes do you want to receive? Want more love? Rose quartz on the left. Want to emit more sexy vibes? Moonstone on the right, just like me with these two gems (all pun intended), the Rainbow Ring stacked with the Opal Ring with Moonstone, and the Moonstone Aura Ring.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.08.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.09.05 PM.png

All the pretty pastels

Most female boss babes I know, me included, are trying to tap into that feminine energy to get in the flow of sitting back, sipping on rosé and watching the cash roll in, rather than grinding to the point of burn out, because that ain't cute. 

What better way to embody feminine energy than to be adorned in pastel crystals?

Check out these necklaces and bracelets and I challenge you to not say "aaaawwww" like the sappy, feminine woman you are underneath that #workbitch shell.

Obsessed with the purples in the Tanzanite Bar Necklace and the Bolerette Necklace and of course every necklace stack needs a Syd Choker.

For the wrist stack I'm wearing the stunning Moonstone Cuff (clearing really into getting connected and haute), and the Social Mini Beaded Bracelets in Rose Quartz to amp up the love and Blue Laced Agate for clear and assertive communication!

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.28.30 PM.png

Get ready to become obssessed with this brand, filling up your online shopping cart and dropping hints and sending links to all your family friends and men in your life. Find it all here!

Also check out her Instagram for more swoon-worthy pics that will activate your chakras!

Now you're ready to look chic and balance the F out of your chakras all in one go! 

Sending you all love from my heart chakra to yours! 

xo Amber-Lee

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