How to be Happy Now - Stop Grasping Start Living

#HeavyQuestionAlert. Are you ENJOYING your life? In last week's post we talked about how to enjoy your business more by outsourcing, but let's go deeper and talk about what's holding you back from having the funnest and most fulfilling life ever!

You may notice I've been obssessed with being happy lately, and I'll tell you why...

To be brutally honest, when I was in Bali I did a lot of reflecting on my life and business and I realized I was NOT enjoying any of it enough. Don't get me wrong, I love my biz, I love my fiancé, my puppy, my home, so WTF am I always so stressed about? Why am I always in a rush? Why am I pushing forward and not taking the time to SAVOUR what I already have?

I had my tarot cards read in Bali, by my amazing client, Camille, and then had them read again on the weekend with one of my besties for her birthday! Both readings showed that I'm on the path to clearing my perception of reality, which in the recent was I was seeing as dark and stressful even though my ACTUAL reality is colourful, fabulous and full of love.

While I TOTALLY know I have the best clients, the best family, the best fiancé, the best friends, an amazing home, a fun business...My thoughts weren't reflecting that because I was always looking for the next thing, to go further and further, rather than living in the moment and soaking in all of the awesomeness that's all around me!  


Luckily all of the thoughts are clearing and this new moon is said to bring in major positive change!Here are some tips for you to use with the new moon on May 10th! Get all of this stuff started today and you'll be bringing in all the power!!

Stop saying "I'll be happy when..."

Don't be on the pursuit of happiness, BE HAPPY IN YOUR PURSUIT. If you live life chasing a carrot that's being dangled in front of your face, you're missing out on the whole field of carrots and other MORE beautiful things (way better than carrots)! What makes you happy in your life NOW. Energy grows where you're attention goes, so how can give those things more energy, attention and heart today?

The next client, or the next launch, or the next $1000 is just a quick fix. You aren't going to be happy unless you're happy where you are now. 

Do things you ENJOY!

When you're caught up in "what's next" you're missing out on things you could be doing NOW that make you happy. I wrote a list in my phone of things that I LOVE doing. They are small and quite basic, but they light me up, make me who I am and give me energy! 

I want you to do the same and be sure to schedule at least one of these things into your day EVERY DAY! I try to do 2-3! 

I will paste my list here to get you started on yours!

Lunch with a friend
Reading break outside
Work from a coffee shop
Go to my fav home decor store
Go to the mall
Take the dog to a new park
Bike ride
Book a trip
Make a surprise dinner resv
Spa day
Hang with friends
Get groceries with my fiancé in the morning
Float tank
Shopping at a random store
Cook an extravagant meal
Watch a movie
Go to a movie
Go to craft store
Go out for breakfast with fiancé
Go to crystals shop
Get a palm or card reading
Furniture shops
Buy plants
Having a glass of wine solo at a restaurant
Manifesting course
Day of Taking photos for insta

Be in the moment

Okay great, right? Now you're doing all the things! BUT are you actually present for them or are you thinking about what you have to do next, why you're not good enough, or what's for dinner?

+ A Mindfulness Reminder - You can instal an app into your laptop that periodically dings a gentle reminder to be present! It's a great time to take some deep breaths and check in with where you're at!
+ Meditate - If you aren't meditating, that's the problem right there! Having a daily meditation practice strengthens your "in-the-moment-muscle"!

+ Set an Intention - Before everything you do, set an intention. Your intention will help you to stay focussed on one thing so your brain isn't scattered all over!

+ There is no "next" - Totally erase the concept of "what's next" and imagine that your entire life is just one long motion! We really are in a flow that leads us on a steady path! There is no next, there is only now! 

Get grounded

Often the reason we aren't in the moment is because we're fearing something in the future, or agonizing about something in the past. One of my fav memes, especially since I LOVE Jay-Z, is "I got 99 problems but 98 of them are completely random, made up scenarios in my head that I'm stressing about for no logical reason."

If you can start to feel grounded and secure in your business, your relationship, your home....those fears will go away. I'm going to paste something in here from an email I sent to a client today who is going through some fears right now. 

"In your journal every morning and evening, write down"3 ways I feel secure/safe/stable" whichever resonates with you. When you have an imbalance in the root chakra you feel like one bad thing could totally pull your life out from underneath you. You don't feel stable and secure, you feel like everything is on thin ice. BUT when you really think about it, one bad month or bad discovery call, or bad webinar is NOT going to affect your business, one fight with your BF is not the end of your relationship, one cheese burger is not going to make you obese lol."  

Feel SECURE in where you are now! You have a roof over your head, you have electricity, you have people in your life that love you. That's pretty solid!

Celebrate yourself

You have my full permission to start going out with your friends or your partner for wine more often! Do it with the intention of celebrating a specific win, or even a stretch of time in which you've really up-level your life! 

This is how you really savour how fabulous your life is (because it so is). What's the point in having goals if you don't celebrate all of the wins along the way, and FEELING GOOD!?

How will you celebrate yourself this week?

I'll meet you at the cocktail lounge!