How To Host Your Own Retreat + HUGE Bali Announcement


We are now 1.5 months away from our Hot Rich and Humble Bali retreat, and Sofie (business stylist for women that want a brand and business that truly stands out and has next-level success and Bali Retreat Co-Host) and I could not be any more excited!

If you've ever dreamt of hosting your own retreat I highly recommend it! It has been amazing to see the universe delivering so much AMAZINGNESS by following what excites us...I wanted to share how we did it so that you launch your own retreat too. 


We started with a DREAM, then mapped out the retreat that we WISHED we could attend (and that meant women such as yourself would like it too!).

  • learning techniques, behind the scenes secrets, and daily practices required to created a make your business feel truly Hot, Rich AND Humble
  • working on your business and making real tangible movement before even leaving
  • getting real time feedback, coaching + masterminding through your blocks + ideas
  • doing it all in a next-level luxurious setting that inspires and gets you acclimated to a certain level of Hot Rich + Humbleness 


Within a week we got some photos together, made an announcement and a webpage with all the details and BAM we were in business. 

We then hosted a few (super fun!) online trainings, and we attracted literally the COOLEST group of SIX women to join us from a wide range of backgrounds (healthy, beauty, business, jewelry, and more) that are all literally our DREAM, SOUL-MATE clients. 

Then we MAPPED out the schedule that would get all of the attendees the perfect mix of biz training, emotional breakthough(s), connection, celebration, coaching and actually MOVEMENT in themselves and their biz. (When we wrote the schedule it made me so excited, I actually cried).


unnamed (2).jpg

YES! I can barely believe this where we will be working, celebrating, bonding eating meals cooked by a private chef, dancing, having our photos taken, and hustling for our biz's in a very hot, rich + humble way. 

I can see with crystal clear clarity the transformations that will occur with each woman attending.


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER 1: By divine intervention, we have signed an incredible guest speaker to speak and teach at the retreat.


unnamed (3).jpg

Health Coach, Speaker and Author of The Goddess Revolution, will be joining us in our intimate setting in our luxurious Bali Villas to speak about the connection of self-love and business.

It's a once in a lifetime for our attendees to meet Mel who is not only a shining Goddess, but also a successful business woman that's built her empire around her mission in life, to help as many women as possible in the world quit dieting for good, learn how to truly nourish themselves, and really love and honour their bodies so that they can reclaim their lives and be their best, most vibrant and powerful selves!

She has an incredible community following, her first online course launch (NOT business related) brought in $70k+, and she has truly taken her life and biz to the next level all while TOTALLY being herself. No small feat!

She'll be joining do a special talk with the Bali Retreat attendees, and there will be lot's of time for Q&A and bonding afterward!


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER TWO: We've decided to open up two more spots to the retreat. 

Is one of them meant for you?

+ do you want to become more of the woman you know you're MEANT to be in your business?
+ do you want to stop spinning your wheels and actually CREATE the things you are dreaming of?
+ do you want to the leader, the teacher, the LIGHT in your industry that truly transforms others?
+ do you want to connect with like minded women, lap it up in a luxurious villa, and practice having a FABULOUS time while building your business?

Then simply click here and we can arrange a time to chat about if the retreat is a good fit for you and where you are headed in biz! 

Heck...maybe part of what you'll launch WHILE you are on the retreat is your upcoming retreat for you biz! 

You'll have the photos, a behind the scenes look at how it's down, and the connections and accountability to actually make it HAPPEN.

Click here to chat with me if you KNOW you are meant to be in BALI with us!
We will talk about how to make it happen.


OMG...I really feel the woman on the end of this that is meant to join. If it's your dream, start by replying to this email...and just SEE what happens.

Doing this retreat once seemed like a far out dream...and now the reality is beyond expectations.
I want the same for you!

I seriously really hope to see you there. You deserve this.