What Was Really Happening Before I Tapped Into My Chakra Energy

{Vulnerability Alert} What was REALLY happening before I tapped into my chakra energy

Spoiler Alert: It wasn't pretty

I am ALL about being honest and vulnerable with you guys so let me paint a picture for you of what my life looked like, not too long ago, before I tapped into my chakra energy. 

It really was not cute. 

The #1 reason my life was such a mess was that I was not in alignment with purpose which majorly threw me out of alignment in my chakra energy and with my true self.

Everyone's TRUE inner self is pure, straight-up, high-vibin' JOY. Yes, even when the person in front of you takes the last chocolate croissant, and that time you cursed at the TV when Nick when didn't give Rachel a rose.

"The Law of Attraction" says that the reason we experience physical responses like anger, tears, or straight up temper tantrums is because of our Emotional Guidance System that tells us when sh*t's goin' down that is not in alignment with that joy. 

Imagine the other things that are going down in your life, your body and your mind when you're not living on the right, aligned vibration.

What happens when you're out of alignment with your purpose

If you life is totally a mess right now, I can tell you that something is for sure out of alignment. 

Before I started chasing my purpose, I was:

  • somehow constantly being let go from jobs because of things totally out of my control, ie: going out of business, company was moving to another country...
  • always partying and trying to get onto a higher vibration by binge drinking and first-pumping to Avicii until 3am (newsflash, when you wake up the next day your vibration is even lower than it was before)
  • dating the WRONG guys that also had zero alignment in their lives
  • living pay-check to pay-check and having $0.43 cents in my bank account by the time payday rolled back around
  • eating the worst food and gaining weight from living off of take-out orders and red wine
  • feeling super manic with extreme highs and extreme lows
  • coming up with idea after idea for a business  (everything from a fashion app, to a catering business, to a yoga studio...) but not taking action because fear and drama were ruling my life

Literally every area of my life was a MESS and I was so overwhelmed that I didn't think it was at all possible to get into alignment, especially since I didn't even know what that meant.

What happens when you're out of alignment with your purpose

Would you believe me if I told you it just took me changing ONE THING to make all of those issues disappear?

I had to get into alignment with my purpose by balancing my chakra energy.

Even though I was really trying to push the fashion careers on myself, it didn't feel right. What I really wanted, and what I kept coming back to was:

  • I wanted to help people live fabulous lives
  • I wanted to do something fun where I could connect with amazing people
  • I wanted a beautiful brand

That being said, I had no frickin' idea how I could help people when my own life wasn't even together. 


I made that ONE decision, I made it my priority to balance my own energy, and opportunities were presented to me that changed my entire life. 

I didn't realize it then but the Universe was actually rewarding me for making that decision!

What happens when your chakra energy is integrated

When you take that step to balance your energy and live your purpose, magic happens. 

Opportunities land in your lap, people come out of the woodworks, and the self love just pours all over everything you do.

In my experience, a coach was presented to me and after signing up with her my first business was launch in 3 months. 

I then felt called to start coaching so I hired her again and got even MORE into alignment with my purpose and saw even MORE rewards. 

Listening to those calls allowed me to experience:

  • More money than I ever thought possible for me (cha-ching)
  • More self confidence, self love and gratitude than any party night could even compare to
  • More amazing connections to amazing women around the world
  • More connection and power than I have ever experienced

What's that one thing you keep coming back to?

Are you holding out on yourself? Is there one thing you know is your purpose because it keeps showing up in your thoughts and exciting you, while also making you feel like you aren't good enough, aren't ready or don't know where to start?

Your first step is to decide you're doing it anyways by balancing your energies and the opportunities will flow to you!

Don't know where to start in balancing your energies? 

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