3 Secrets To A Zen Daily Practice

Go from Burnt-Out Babe to Sanity and Success! 

Without drinking wine at 9am

Are you tired? I get it. Running an empire is exhausting. Up-levelling comes with a whole new set of fears, mistakes, tasks and often some drama for your mama. 

When my clients are overwhelmed, the first thing I'll ask them is "How's your daily practice going?". Sometimes they will be like, "WTF...I'm talking about Facebook ad drama, what does that have to do with journalling?" and my answer is, EVERYTHING! 

Your daily practice sets your mood on the scale from Buddha under a tree, to Naomi Campbell in 1998 (Don't be a Naomi).

The better your mood, the higher your vibe, the smoother your day. The Universe likes to make it rain money on people that are high vibe, and make it rain drama on those that start the day off throwing their phone at their maid (well Naomi has a pretty sweet life actually so this metaphor isn't really working).

I get so many emails from amazing women asking for my "secrets to my daily practice" so I'm laying it out for you! This is stuff I go over with my high-level clients but I'm so happy to share it with you if it means you're going to be able to "show up" more in your business is give this world what it needs from you. 

Daily Practice Secret #1 - Make it intentional, not routine

Even though sticking to a "routine" meditation that you do every day is better than waking up, flinging the covers off and immediately getting your fix of Instagram, it's actually not the best. 

It's time to switch that sh*t up girl. Ask yourself...what's going on in your life that needs to attention and positive energy? 

Check in to see how you're feeling as soon as you wake and and set an intention at the beginning of your daily practice.

Maybe you identify that it's one of your chakras are running dim and you want to jooge up the energy, maybe your hurting to get more clients and want to feel less fear, maybe you're burnt out AF and need to chill on the anxiety-party-for-one and have a dose of zen.

Daily Practice Secret #2 - Just like a selfie, the more angles the better

Once you have that intention you want to jump on all possible ways to make it happen. I'm talkin' the good old
"Mind, Body, Soul and Energy" approach (such an overused concept but it's because it works!).

Here's how I lay that out in a daily practice:
+ Mind = Mindset practices, mantras, journalling
+ Body = Stretching, working out, nourishing
+ Soul = Meditating
+ Energy = Crystals, reiki, chakra visualizations, Dream-Life visualizations

Let's put it all together now! 

Example Drama: 
Feeling burnt the eff out. There are so many to-dos in your business that you can't focus on moving things forward.

Example daily Intention:
Clarity and ease

Chakra to focus on:
Solar Plexus

Example Daily Practice:
Mind: Journalling - Write down "3 ways I am moving through my day with ease" "3 ways I will care for myself today"

+ Body: Find a stretch that gives energy and space to your Solar Plexus. I love to clasp my hands behind my back, look up, and breath deep into my rib cage. Drink some lemon water or camomile tea which is great for your yellow chakra!

+ Soul: Meditation - A guided meditation for ease or clarity, or my Solar Plexus Meditation! 

+ Energy: Use a citrine stone and focus on it creating space for your Solar Plexus. You can also visualize during meditation that a yellow light is expanding in your rib cage and upper belly bringing energy and balance. You may also want to day-dream about how it feels to have clarity and ease! What does that life look like for you?

Daily Practice Secret #3 - It's not all or nothing

The only situation in which I practice all or nothing is a Vegas buffet. If I'm going up there, I'm having one of everything. If I'm not that hungry, I pick another place to eat because it's just a waste. 

With daily practice, some is better than none. If that means you have 2 minutes to meditate while your conditioner is soaking in while you shower, sit your naked butt down and let the water rain on you while you take some deep breaths and enjoy. 

It happens, we get rushed, but one of my fav quotes is "You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you're too busy. Then you should sit for an hour."

If you're tired, burnt out and always rushing, that's the Universe showing you that it's time to slow the heck down and give yourself some time to centre before you go into your caffein induced frenzy for the day. 

YAY! I am so excited for you to have your own glamorous daily practice! If you have any questions or comments you can hit reply and let me know! Seriously, I love hearing for you. 



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