My #1 tip to get sh*t done this week

I'm here to give you the kick in the Rag n Bones that you need today. If I didn't have my booty kicked into action I would still be working in a 9-5 so listen up!

If you're holding yourself back from doing big things that means you're letting fears and excuses take the wheel. Don't get me wrong, fears will always be there, they stick around like hair-frizz on a humid day, but they can be tamed with the right care (and serum).

Let's make sh*t happen today.

What's your excuse?

Maybe you're telling yourself that you don't have enough hours in the day, or you don't have the money or resources to make your desires happen. I call BS on that and you know it too!

What's your fear? #RealTalk

Really tune in and boil down your excuses to the most basic level.

When I first started I was:

  • Afraid of launching my website
  • Because I was afraid of what I looked like or how I came across
  • Because I was afraid of what of people would think
  • Because I was afraid that I would be embarrassed
  • Because deep down I was afraid that I wasn't good enough to have my own business

Are you afraid of failing? Are you afraid that if you get successful you will have to work long hours and be all alone? Are you afraid that you aren't good enough for your dream?

What's your 'Why'?

Getting in your own way is one thing but who else isn't getting what they need from you?

Know that spending the time to go for your desires is not all about you. It's not selfish. What's selfish is holding your gifts back because you can't inspiring the people that need it.

What's your next action step?

This is my My #1 tip to get shit done!

Step 1: Choose your top 3 initiatives
I want to thank my fab coach Emily Williams for encouraging me to pair down my initiatives! Yes, just 3. Think high-level here, not small details and tasks.

For me, my initiatives are:

  • Become an influencer
  • Make $***,***,** this year
  • Enjoy my life more

Step 2: Only focus on your next step for each

Become an influencer
1) Schedule my next podcast episode (Text sent)
2) Find a program to write my book in (20 mins of research)

Make $***,***,** this year
1) Email my assistant to schedule interviews with the girls in my group program to do some market research for when I re-launch (10 mins)
2) Create my new Facebook ad content (1 hr)

Enjoy my life
1) Give my assistant access to my Hootesuite account so she can start scheduling my posts so I can free up more time (5 mins)
2) Schedule float tank (5 mins)

Step 3: Schedule it all into your calendar
Taking all of those next steps will take less than 2hrs!! Get the energy flowing in the right direction!

What choice can you make TODAY?

Have you been putting off getting support? It's difficult to get to the next level by playing the guessing game.

Refuse to be the girl that's a victim

Refuse to be the girl that let's her excuses make her decision.

Reaching your dreams isn't easy alone but;

YOU have the choice to reach out and get the support.

YOU have the choice to make sh*t happen.

YOU have a choice to take it to the next level or to stay comfortable where you are.

So where do you WANT to be?

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