+ Pics of my adorable new puppy!

The love is SO vibing this week because it's V-day week! Woot woot! 

I'll be real wit' chu. I'm not huge into V-day BUT I have been obssessed with self-love and building solid relationships lately.

My heart is also throbbing because we picked up our new puppy this weekend and he's a total cotton ball of love. 

In the spirit of glowing heart chakras, I decided to make this week's post super-duper fun by pulling some cards to tell you exactly where you should focus your energy this week for maximum heart-vibrating feels.

Here's how it works:

+ Take a look at the photo below.
+ Oogle over Sampson (yes, his name is as cute as his fuzzy face)
+ Once you're done oogling, take three deep breaths with closed eye, then look at the cards.
+ Notice which card you're immediately magnetized to
+ Check below to see your forecast! 

What the forecast means for you

Whether you're looking for more:

+ Love
+ Self-Love
+ Abundance
+ Ability to give love
+ Successful relationships

...The forecast will mean something for you. Tune into your intuition and take the advice from the Universe in the way that feels best for you.  

This is just guidance, I am not telling you to make any loco decisions (and will NAWT take blame if you cut off your hair or start dating your mailman, that's on you).

Pick a card any card...

Samoyed Puppy

Here's your Chakra-Love guidance!

If you picked #1: Intuition + Third Eye Chakra: This card means that you already know what you need to do! Look at the situation in question with hot-pink-coloured-glasses and trust your initial reaction. 

If you're in a relationship or negative situation that isn't making your heart dance to a Bruno Mars song, it's time to get real and trust your inner guidance. Your Third-Eye Chakra is there to show you what's up, so give it an "Oh, Haaay", and ask for the guidance you need.

That doesn't necessarily mean it's time to peace out of your relationship or your sitch, it could mean it's time to look at your own actions. Are you waking up every day with the intention of spreading as much love as you can? You should be.

This goes for all those entrepreneurs out there too! Are you giving enough love to your community? 

If you're in a happy relationship or you're single, this card is guiding you to show as much love as possible too. It may be time to take things to the next level with your relationship or a friendship that's giving you butterflies! 

If you picked #2: Let go of regret/Saturn: It's time to open your heart to the present moment and let go of the drama from the past.

You'll never be able to move forward and find love/success/abundance/self-love if you're living in the years when 50 Cent, and Kelly Rowland topped the charts.  

It's also time to release shame, fears, doubts and stale energy from any douchebag ex bfs, or the time you had braided extension (was that just me?). 

Focus on cleansing the Sacral Chakra. Pick up some gemstones, like orange calcite or carnelian. If you're close to the ocean, take a dip (just kidding it's snowing in pretty much the entire world right now), or have a nice bath or shower.

My fav meditation for releasing past drama is to visualize being in the ocean and having small waves crash up against your Sacral Chakra (right below your belly button). Feel the energy of the waves and imagine all negativity being washed away! 

You can't reach your desires in the present if you're heart is doing the Macarena in the past. 

If you picked #3: Warrior/Aries: It's time to take a stand and take action to pursue your desires! 

Reflect deep into what's going on for you. If you find you're being stubborn or childish, it's time to put that behind you and be the strong and self-serving woman you're meant to be!

If a conflict arises this week, be grounded in your beliefs. You might even be backing up a friend or a partner. Know that you have the ability to make change and it's not the time to stay silent! This may take some confidence building in advance.

Don't be afraid to confess your love and gratitude to friends, family, clients or your man this week. The more love you give, the more you'll get back. 

If you picked #4: Nurturer/Cancer: It's time to take care or YOU! The more love and care you give yourself this week, the more you'll nurture your relationships with others!

If your routine goes, Work-DoorDash-Netflix-Repeat, you're not showing up as the best friend/GF/wife/daughter that your people need you to be. 

Drink your 2 ltrs of water, take your supplements, get your 8-9 hours of sleep and I am officially giving you permission to take a spa day or check out a float tank (take 3 minutes to book this in now!). 

Channel energy into your Heart Chakra in your upper/mid back. That's where your self-love energy lives!

If your relationship, your business or your tinder profile is stressing you out, take some much needed time to re-charge!!

Samoyed Puppy

I hope you enjoyed your reading! I would love to hear from you! Feel free to reply to any questions, comments or just to say "Hey, What-up".

I am wishing you so much love and hope this week brings you all your desires and then some!

xo, Amber-Lee

PS: If you are as in love with Sampson as I am, here are some more pics + rather than clogging up my entire Instagram feed with him we've created his own account! You can follow him on Insta here!

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