[podcast] Return Everything: HRH Holiday Gift Guide is Here

In this episode we talk about:

1. Stomach problems and Christmas Lights
2. Smelling like a Goddess
3. Mermaid skin body oil
4. Furry Slides Forever
5. Slippers are OUT, This is what’s IN
6. An 8 Hour Beauty treatment we’re obsessed with
7. Panamas that feel like butter
8. HRH Approved Makeup Gifts
9. How to look Glossy
10. The basic bitch gift we still want
11. Gifts for guys (including a somewhat inexpensive one)
12. A face-structure-changing facial
13. A weekend in LA LA Land
14. A very humbling experience…on our backs
15. Don’t give AF about other people’s stuff
16. Pussy hacks to calm people down

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