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Today we're talking about breaking points *cringe*. I know it's an icky topic and we would rather forget these bleak times or pretend they aren't there, but let's talk about how to conquer them!

My breaking point was just over a year ago. It was actually one of my many, but this is the one that finally made me transform my life and jump the eff' on my dreams. 

I had a bad habit of social media stalking successful people and either trying to rip them apart so I felt better about myself or ripping myself apart and convincing myself I will never be successful or have an Instagram-worthy life. 

It was all about self-worth and I had none of it. 

One particular day, my boss made me pick him up and drive him to a meeting. He introduced me to a girl he was meeting with that had her own jewelry business. I immediately felt like I wanted to throw up because I had been playing around with the idea of launching a jewelry business for a long time but kept getting in my own way with excuses like "I don't have the time or the money."

My boss tried to flex his muscles in front of her by treating me like his servant and asking me to book a flight for him (which I had previously told him was not in my job description and I refused to do it). 

I literally called in sick to work and cried all day...and then cried for another three days on the couch. Why did she have what I wanted? Why was not getting in my own way? Why was my boss such a d*ck?

Not long after this incident, I was doing my usual Facebook creeping/self loathing of a girl I went to Fashion School with who started her own business.

I was trying to find some kind of indication that maybe she was now living on the streets or got arrested for tax fraud (as if that would have made my life better) but instead I found a link to a blog post from the amazing woman that would one day be my coach (the fantastic Sofie from Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch).

I subscribed to her mailing list and soon became her client for her to support me through launching my jewelry business which only took me 2 months (after sitting on it for three years). 

So what happened in between rock bottom to risk taking? How did I go from hopeless to happiness?

Step 1: Listen to the whispers from the universe

What are the things that piss you off beyond belief and make you feel stuck? For me, the universe was telling me that my boss was a jack-ass and it was time to hand in my resignation. What's the universe telling you to do and why are you getting in your way?

Step 2: Enhance your self worth mindset

Every single morning write down 3 ways you value yourself. You have to know you're capable of your desires. You're worth your big dreams and they are yours for the taking.

Every evening write down 3 ways you gave value that day. It can be as small as smiling at a stranger or donating some clothes.

You can't receive value from the universe unless you:
+ Value yourself
+ Give Value

Step 3: Enhance your self worth energy

Yes girl, I'm talkin' about your chakra energy. You have got to light that sh*t up. The Sacral Chakra is where all of your self worth lives and it get foggy with past experiences that you need to disconnect from. I will be posting a FREE guided meditation for the Sacral Chakra in my Facebook Group today, click here to request access. 

Step 4: Commit to your desires + become unavailable for self-loathing

Even if you don't know exactly how you're going to get there, commit to investing energy and time into what you really want out of life. It really is a split moment decision that you have to make and then you have to become un-available for negative brain chatter (and social media stalking loathing rituals) and unavailable for playing small.

Step 5: Make some big effin' moves, one step at a time

My first step was reaching out to my soon-to-be coach and telling her I loved her blog post and letting her know that I want to start my own business too. My second step was booking a call with her, and my third step was pulling out my (almost empty) wallet and making it happen.  

I didn't have all of the answers and I sure as hell didn't have the money, but what I did have was the belief that once you put positive energy into your desires, you start to manifest amazing things. 

I always tell the story about how I told my coach that I had to split my investment into bi-weekly payments because I was living pay-check to pay-check and my cards were maxed. I had to tell my boyfriend (now fiancé) that I wasn't able to pay for groceries for 2 months while I made the payments. 

Miraculously, just a few days after I signed the contract and made my first payment, my credit card company sent me a letter that said my credit limit was increased by THE EXACT amount that I owed for the coaching program.

And my credit was BAD. Like seriously, someone at Mastercard must have been drunk or playing a joke because my credit limit should not have been increased.

The universe did that for me! It was the first of many signs telling me that I was doing the right thing by chasing my dreams! 

Now, I have a business that I run full time and was able to let go of my 9-5. I have an Instagram worthy life. I am engaged to the love on my life. I make my own schedule and have literally designed my dream-life. 

I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! What's your breaking point? What's your first step? Or maybe you need help figuring out what that is! COMMENT BELOW OR EMAIL ME (confidentially) at and I will let you know your next step FOR FREE!

xo Amber-Lee

PS: Serioulsy, let me know. Get the free guidance from someone who has had many breaking points and was able to turn it around! 

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