Where's your head at?

+ Tips to keep it in the game

It's frickin' basically mid-August, WTF. This summer has been zipping by fast. Nordstrom Anniversary sale is even over...Revolve.com sent me an email advertising sweaters....SWEATERS! 

I can't...

It got me thinking that you need to really be available for yourself and mentally checked into the moment before it passes which is quite difficult since Instagram Stories. 

My fiancé and I decided to have a sober-ish weekend over the last few days savoured what we have left of summer without feeling like we were hit by a truck...a truck full of bourbon sours. 

We hit up the Buddhist temple to try something different and it was some serious, sober and beautiful zen-ness. But get this, we weren't allowed to have phones inside the temple! *gasp*

We managed to take a few pics on the outside areas which we are not 100% sure was allowed but other people were doing it so...

Here's a summary of the feelings I experienced once I put my phone away + some tips on how you can make sure you're really feelin' the moments...


Being in the moment makes you notice the things you take for granted

How cool is it to live in a country where various cultures are celebrated and encouraged? The only time you tend to feel grateful for this is when you see tragedies in the news from around the world.    

Have you ever really soaked up that gratitude from a place of appreciation rather than a place of fear?

There's a lot of chaos going on these days but where can you show compassion and gratitude?

After all, that's what the world needs right now!

Pro-tip: If you don't already journal every day, you need to get on that gratitude tip ASAP. It gets you into the thought process of actually realizing when you're happy (so you can write it down in your journal later!). 

Being in the moment encourages connection

My fiancé pretty much always grabs for my hand or has his hand on my back while we're walking...That's pretty f*cking cool. That was so evident to me while we were strolling through the beautiful garden just "being" and getting lit off of incense fumes.

I had this amazing sense of connection to everything around me, and of course the stud holding my hand. 

There was also this amazing little alter specifically to honour our ancestors. Naturally I tried to have a little chat with my late grandma and started to feel super connected to her strong energy! I also took time to think about all of the amazing ancestors that I've never even met! 

Pro-tip: Write down 7 ways you can connect with a loved one or a stranger this week and schedule 1 per day. Maybe it's buying a cookie for the person behind you at Starbucks or texting an old friend (PS: did you watch The Hills, That Was Then This is Now"? I really think LC should text Heidi).

It's totes okay to be a shade of grey (or 50?)

I am both the opposite and the essence of Buddhism. It's all about the paradox baby!

Although I'm all about luxury and striving for your desires which is pretty frowned upon by Buddha himself, I'm also so down with their 6 core teachings: Generosity, 
discipline, patience (this one is hard), effort, meditative concentration and wisdom.

You don't have to be perfect you just have to be perfectly you!

Pro-tip: Think about an area in your life where you've labeled yourself. Maybe you call yourself a workaholic, or maybe you call yourself lazy. Can you let yourself be both?

My business and my life is all about celebrating all sides of yourself...The side that meditates to connect to her inner self and the side that keeps up with the Kardashians, martini in hand, surrounded by shopping bags from the day's haul. 

I would LOVE to hear your paradox! Comment below and let me know what makes you, you!