Why You Should Be Girly

+ Tips to balance the yin and yang

Have you ever had a sitch where you keep seeing a certain topic pop up in your face to the point where you know it must be some kinda sign from the good ol' universe?

Well I'm totally  having this now with the balance between feminine and masculine energy and I'm becoming pretty much obssessed with it. 

It even popped up during meditation for me and at yoga and I immediately started digging deeper to find out more for you because I believe some of you need to hear this and I am being guided to tell you!! Here it goes:

Why you need balance of feminine and masculine energy

This isn't sexist, but the reality is that men and women have specific qualities that are naturally for them, for example, men are inherently more assertive and women are inherently more empathetic. 

This doesn't mean that women cannot be assertive or that men cannot be empathetic, it means they need to practice a proper balance of both, especially in relationships AND in business. 

Since women have been kicking ass and taking names by building their empires and burning their bras, they have purposely adopted more masculine energy, which can either be the perfect balance or the perfect storm of bitchiness and aggression if they go too far. 

It's important to have balance of feminine and masculine in relationships because the yin and yang need to be in flow for harmony, even in same sex relationships. 

In business the balance is needed because you need to be empathetic AND assertive. 

How to know if you're imbalanced:

Being overly aggressive and/or neglecting the important things in life because of your driven-ness is a sign that your soft feminine qualities have been taken over.

If anything in this post totally resonates with you, your energy is going to show you which of these tips is meant for you!

How to get the balance back (and be more girly)

I have to give some credit to amymiraki.com for inspiring this part of my post and a few of these amazing tips that! Check her post out too if this concept is floating your boat! 

I've tried all of these over the last week and I see total shifts and heightened awareness which is pretty magical. 

  1. Wear soft and flowy fabrics - Even do a little twirl! The power suit with shoulder pads was the start of the end for super-girly vibes. Not that you shouldn't rock a bitchin' boyfriend blazer when the time is right, but if you really want to juj up the fem power, opt for something flowy today! 
  2. Balance the sacral chakra - Your sexual power  (and I don't mean the act of s-e-x, I mean your sex, like being a girl) lives in your sacral chakra so focus on bringing compassion and love to it. The more energy you send there, the more your natural girliness will come out! Getting creative helps too! Dust off the old paint brush or adult colouring book! 
  3. Focus on pretty things -  If you love decor, spend some time admiring your home and the pretty things you have. If you love make up, get dolled up just because. If you totally aren't the girly type, admire some art or music that you like (just not heavy metal). 
  4. Speak softly - Pay attention to the harshness of your voice and your words. I will never stop swearing, not for anyone, but I have been mindful of my volume and also the love that I'm emitting when I speak and I feel so much nicer!
  5. Sing and dance - Britney Spears' new album just dropped, so should your booty. Dancing is a great way to tap into your sexuality and compassion so grab that hair brush microphone and throw a concert for your mirror and the babe staring back at you!

So are you someone that was totally meant to read this post today? Maybe you've been looking for a way to feel more balance in your biz or love. I would love to hear how these tips work out for you!! COMMENT BELOW! 

xo Amber-Lee


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