+ How to find the confidence to get it out there

So I always tell you to "listen to the whispers before they become screams," which basically means trust your intuition and listen to what's guiding you to being the best GD version of your gorgeous self.

Do you know  that YOU are the whisper that someone else is waiting to hear?

No matter how big of a mess you sometimes think you are (I feel that way on occasion too...particularly the morning after a cocktail sesh), you have lessons and gifts within you that people are waiting to hear so you can inspire them on a path to greatness! Yes, YOU!

I know it's scary and daunting to really share your message and lessons with others because women always tend think they aren't qualifies or "good enough" to support others, but I promise you, no matter where you're at in discovering your purpose, you're steps and jumps ahead of many people out there. 

It's time to share what you've learned with the world!

Get clear on your message

What is the #1 thing that has changed your life for the better? My guess is that that you had to learn that lesson the hard way but became stronger and greater because of it. 

Take pen to paper and start listing out the lessons you're passionate about and I guarantee one of them will stick out and you will be compelled to scream it off the mountain tops.

There are millions of people out there waiting to learn this sh*t, trust me!

Try meditating with a focus on your 3rd eye chakra so your ju-ju can guide you! 

Decide who you're sharing it with and how you're sharing it

Typically the person you're sharing your message with is someone that is just like you, but a few steps back. 

How do you wish you learned your lesson before having to learn it the hard way?Maybe you wish you had access to a mentor or a source of content. Maybe you love to watch video blogs and that's how you want to share your message in a way that your ideal client will totally "get".

An amazing way to feel more connected to your ideal client/readers/listeners/watchers is to do a heart chakra meditation where you imagine a pink light (love, duh) filling up your body, and then filling up the room, the house, the city and the whole world. 

Thanks to the interwebs, your reach is literally that far and you can make that much of an impact!

Try to listen to what your heart is telling you about the needs of others and how you can support them!

Be fiercely confident and authentically you

Once your message is crystal clear and you know exactly who and how you're sharing it, now's the time for magic. 


You are so frickin' amazing and I hope you feel this enough to really get out there and inspire people. 

Let people connect to your vulnerability, your faults AND what makes you a bad-ass. 

I used to be really worried about sharing my chakra balancing woo-woo with the world but it turns out that it's the #1 thing people want to hear from me because it's authentic to me the lessons that changed my life!

The universe rewards you for taking these steps. For me that meant that my business sky-rocketed, I manifested meaningful relationships, I manifested financial abundance and I get to work with clients that totally get it and are frickin' amazing!

What's the message you are holding back and what the possibilities you can open up to?

COMMENT BELOW and let me know and I will give you some free tips on how to take the next steps!

You are more amazing thank you know, trust me. 

xo Amber-Lee